Thursday, September 24, 2009

good enough...

I was asked yesterday by Kyle's teacher (at a Parent teacher conference)..."How do you handle 4 kids under the age of 7......who are ALL BOYS?"

My answer was simple...and it even surprised me when I came up with it so quick. I told Mrs. Robbins that I had to learn the art of , "Good enough."

Steve and I joke about this "art" all the it was easy to explain when she kind of looked confused ;

The old Renee thought that giving 110% was the only thing acceptable. And my new life...I believe that giving 110% when it is POSSIBLE - AND - BENEFICIAL TO THE GRAND SCHEME OF LIFE, is necessary. If it is not POSSIBLE...then we find out what is possible and that is good enough. If it does not benefit us in education, healthy, love....etc....then we do it based on the time we have...and the resources we have... and that is truly - 110% - GOOD ENOUGH!

So if my toilets and car are not always be as clean as they used to be, and if the grass is a bit long and my pants should have been hemmed before I wore them..... If the kids hair should be cut, and the laundry should have been put away and maybe this shirt was worn once before...... If all of that stands true, yet instead we head to soccer, read, exercises and play....well.....that will no longer affect my day! That is good enough and I believe that day to be a success!

I think this philosophy emerged in my...and it did not come overnight...but I am truly grateful that I have it...and it makes my life with 4 boys under the age of 7 - DARN FUN and PRODUCTIVE!! :)

Here's hoping that all of the wonderful mom's in my life...can implement this philosophy into parts of our crazy, hectic, relentless lives...and go to bed quickly....without as many worries or regrets! We all have to start somewhere...and I start with this! :)


reillymb said...

wow isn't crazy how life has changed. we have always been tought to have such good organizational skills to complete task effectively. but as we have grown older we have become more relaxed and less obsessive. i think the corporate world is so out of your blood now and you are your laid back self now :) so all in all you have regressed back to teenage life (with responsibilities of 4/5 lives) to be able to have fun and enjoy. you are like their big sister/play mate with money!! and that makes everyones life good enough :)

Mandie said...

such wonderful advice for all the moms. thanks for putting it down so simply, you are going to put parenting self help books out of business!

sara said...

Thank you for this wonderful advice. I gave up housework a few years ago, then I gave up taking care of myself - that one is mandatory - I have got to get back on it!! But it is so true - nurturing these relationships is far more important than anything else that "needs" to be done!!