Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One year ago today

Today is the day that we saw our little Zhang Song for the first time! :)
the e-mail read:
"Here is the information on Zhang Song, an adorable little boy born March 4, 2007. Please review his file and let me know tomorrow if you would like to consider adding him to your family!"
It took us about 30 min to finalize our answer...and that is only because i could not get Steve on the phone!!
11:25am....that's when I got the call that told me to go to my computer and pull up this sweet face!!
And forever our life will be a better place!
Joshua song is such proof that life can change in an instant! :) And in such wonderful ways!
We love you Joshee Song!! :)


shunter1019 said...

WE LOVE YOU TOO LITTLE MAN! I saw this pic very shortly after and so the waiting for everyone began....wow, were you worth the wait or what? LOVE YOU!

Bill and Midge said...

Oh, Happy Referral Day! Can you believe how much your life can change in just one year!

Dianne said...

It's amazing how greatly life has changed for your family (and ours!) and, yet, how it remains the same. Three children or four...so much love to go around. You and Stephen are blessed, and so are our wonderful grandsons!! Love to all.

Erica said...

oh what a grand day it was...but even better today, because we can celebrate how much Joshua Song has made all of our lives fuller and more fun and just plain better! We love you China man!!!!!

sara said...

Happy Referral Day!! it is impossible to forget the moments of that day! What a special way God added to your family!! We miss you, Joshee!!!!