Thursday, September 24, 2009

Please no new shoes mommy...PLEASE....

So this morning Josh puts on his "only" pair of shoes and says, "Mommy...shoe hurt!" So I try dumping them out - assuming that there was sand in there. And nothing came out. So I put it back on his foot and he said it again?

I hold the shoe up to the bottom of his foot and realize that my boy CLEARLY needs new shoes! I mean...they don't even sort of fit? For the record...he started out in a size 4.5 when we got home last December. In February I bought him the current 5.5 blue vans. Well today....yeah...size 7! I am the worst mother ever! Same darn shoes....different size! Life has to improve for him right!:!:!

Anyway...blah blah...not even the funny part of the story. So we go into the shoe store and I explain to the girl that his shoes are too small. She of course asks what size and I admit that he has never had his foot measured by anyone other than me..holding his food up to the bottom of a shoe? So we sit josh down on a stool and ask him to take off his shoes.

Well at this point I can tell he is getting nervous. Starts biting at his nails...eyes glaze over...but I just think...whatever....he'll understand in just a sec that we are only measuring his foot.

Well....boy was I wrong?

The girl at the shoe store goes to grab the prehistoric metal shoe measuring contraption...same on they used when I was two....and as she gets close to Josh with this THING....he just loses it. I mean...body shaking....curled in the fetal position on the stool....gagging....eyes closed.....crying so hard that there is no breathing. So I am of course kind of looking around at the ladies shoes...and when I realize what is going on...I run over.

Try to talk to him...but he just breathing....still no breathing.....about to smack him on the back for fear he will pass out (no joke) and all of a sudden...he takes a gasping breath and screams, "NO NEW SHOES MOMMY....PPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEE".

Oh my Goodness...saddest thing I have ever seen. The girl seriously thought we were crazy. I did no explaining just told her we would wing it and to bring a size 6, 6.5 and 7. When she put away the evil shoe measuring device...The crazy Josh went back inside and happy "I get new shoes and the world rocks," Josh came flying back to us!! :)

Crazy life huh!?! ha ha aha


Bill and Midge said...

Oh, bless his little heart! It's hard to know sometimes, isn't it, what is going on in those little heads.

I loved your post about "Good enough". We've been living there for quite some time now.(;

sara said...

Oh - John! I so understand what your little heart is going through! Sometimes it is a wake up call for us parents to realize that there are some things you just CAN'T do. Not that don't WANT to, not that you are being disobedient.....

I am sure you are loving your new shoes :)