Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Smiths and the Mongolds....TOGETHER AGAIN!!

9 months after leaving each other in China and heading off to our REAL lives with our families....The Smiths and the Mongolds (minus daddy) were able to reconnect in St. Augustine Florida!! :) Whoo hooo!!!

....It was our last night in China. And we sat in the hall....Angela, Sarah and Myself. We knew we had to get up early...and we KNEW we should go to bed...but the reality was...this was our last day to be together. I know, I for one...had a huge lump in my throat all night. I wanted to get home...but I did not want to say goodbye to my friends!

Did I want to go home in the worst way possible? - HECK YES!!! Had we been waiting for this moment for 2.5 weeks??!! HECK YES!! ONE MORE NIGHT away from our children and friends and family and home......and yet was not the victory that I had thought it would some ways?

In my two and a half weeks in China I fell in love with a little man that I already held dear in my heart ! In the time leading up to my trip, I had hoped beyond hope that it would be this way! I hoped I would bond with Josh in my China time....And I knew I was already in love! I had prayed that he would love me back and that really seemed to be the case! All seemed to be right with the world as we packed up to head home. All goals accomplished and I was so very grateful for all the blessings that were bestowed on me.

As I sat in the hall that last night in China I felt so thankful that my prayers had been answered. But in this time, something else heart also opened up to a few more people. And this I had not really expected. The Smiths, The McClintocks, the Swansons, the Coles, The Altermats, The Angerhofers.......... I had new friends. True friends from the heart! We shared something so much bigger than ourselves during this time. We shared ups and downs and tears and laughter. We shared the joys of our new children, the crazy paths that led us to them, and the unconditional love that we had for them!

I fell in love with a spunky little crazy lady named Maya....and the sweet face of Leah. Josh learned to play with his "China Sisters!" I fell in love with the smiles of Michelle and the determination of Alex and his darling brother Own (my boyfriend for 2.5 weeks). I fell in love with Princess Mya and her excitement for her new family and with Peyton - Josh's Xinyang Sister! It was an adventure that made me a different person, a humbled person, a better person, and it was so much more rewarding than i could have ever imagined!

I feel so lucky that I was able to see Leah and the rest of the Smiths this past weekend!! That time will forever be cherished! Thank you to all of my China family that helped me when I was alone, supported me when I was down, and shared such a perfect time in my life with me! And thank you so much to the Smiths for making the time to come see us! We can't wait till the next time!! We love you!! :)

7 kids + 3 adults = crazy times!!!

Josh does not hug easily. His family...yes...but not others! He could not get enough of Jeremy and Leah!

And of course Will was teaching the little ones about the dark side!!: ) ha ha ha

And Elijah (are you proud of me Eli???) and the boys had so much in common! They were fast friends! I sooo wish we lived closer because the two 7 year olds have so much in common!! They would truly enjoy being friends!


shunter1019 said...

You have a knack for words girl! I'm so happy you got to see them. I hope that you asked them to write in their darn blog-when they write-it's hysterical!!! Adorable how Josh was hugging and kissing the kids. MEMORIES that will last a lifetime.

sara said...

WoW, Josh sure loved the Smith's China babies, huh???!! lol!!!!

SO. JEALOUS. Maybe next summer? Sniff Sniff!!!!