Thursday, October 15, 2009

Josh had a successfull day!

Just a quick note to say that Josh did so well today. The biggest problem of the day was the blue pair of socks that they made him wear? Yeah...sent him into a tizzy that took 45 min to calm down. He HATED those socks!! ha haha. As for the surgery, a SUCCESS!

Only one stream of pee now. Can I get a HU....RAH! So many people in the Y daycare and at Josh's school will LOVE this big success!! :) And my pant legs can finally stay dry all day long. (that stream that went right got me every time!) And what is more....there is something about always having a little pee on your leg that just makes you feel like you always need a shower!! :) So to that I say - whoooo hoooooo....glad that is over!!!!

He is in very little pain, no cath or any tubes needed, just staples that will dissolve over time!

Other things we learned today while he was under the seems that Josh's testicles are now growing correctly. Nothing wrong with the family jewels...but the surgery he had in China did not place them correctly. So in the spring, we will have them moved a bit! Another pretty easy surgery and that should be the last one for a few years!! :)

The doctor was so great and so happy with the progress that Josh has made! I truly believe things happen for a reason and quite possibly....Dr. Earheart is one of the reason that we moved to this area! He has done amazing things and we are so blessed to be in his hands! :)

Thank you for all the calls and prayers and positive thoughts today for our little man!


Mandie said...

I'm so happy all went well. Your little man is changing so much.

lyss23 said...

god bless a straight line of pee...thats all i have to say ha ha ha

Football & Fried Rice said...

Praise the Lord!!!! ONE stream!!!! So funny and sweet and you know I was so concerned about Josh making you a Grandma!! Looks like a strong possibility!!!!!!!! Though I was happy if he & Mya married & adopted from China (they could expedite you know!) lol!!

Big Hugs,

Bill and Midge said...

Yeah! Great news! Hugs to all!

Heather Thompson said...

So glad that all went well!
PS- I <3 the new blog layout!!!

Catherine said...

That is fantiastic news!Josh is such a trooper and everyone in your family is wonderful for helping change his life.

Dianne said...

Wow, the family has had their share of recent surgeries, but always grateful for success. We're so glad Josh is doing so well. Great news! And Will, too. Can't wait until Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing all of you. Sending our love your way.

Lynn said...

That is such good news......What a relief!!!