Monday, October 26, 2009

The power of my perception.

the other morning I am running a bit late and needing to find something to wear in a hurry. So I grab my favorite jeans - throw them on ....and ....oh nooo......"I LOOK FAT". I FEEL YUCKY IN THEM?

Well that is the worst, because these are the pants that always make me feel better? I then try on about 3 more pair of in a full sweat....everything looks terrible...and I am even later than late now?

Ever have this happen?

You all know that I have been trying to make some lifestyle changes to take some extra weight off these days. Well....CLEARLY....if my jeans look that bad on me...I am not having much success?

I decide that I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I am getting on the scale....admitting to myself that I am not doing enough and i need to try harder...and gosh darn it...I am not going to quit...I will take off this weight! I am going to feel good about myself. So I want to SEE the damage...the lack of success with my own eyes...Heck - I already feel like CRAP...might as well have a visual reality check!

So I hold back the tears...walk to the scale and what do I see? Yep. 2.5 weeks of lifestyle change and 6 REAL pounds gone?

Well goodness....maybe I am not a failure? Now the tears that I was fighting have quickly dried up and I am happy happy happy!

So in my happy place, i realize that If I was later than late 5 min ago...I am going to be embarrassingly late if I don't just put on some clothes...and get out the door.

I run into my room and put on the first pair of jeans that I had started with just 15 min before...the ones that started the lump in my throat and my feelings of self defeat!

And I throw on a top...look in the mirror and think....wait a minute...These jeans actually look just fine. Easy choice. They are the ones that make me look the best! I will feel good walking out the door - YEAH!!!

So I ask this: How? did these jeans that made me look HUGE just 15 min ago....suddenly flatter me? I mean...sure I have lost a few pounds...but I didn't lose a few pounds in 15 min. This was the same body that tried them on with the first time.

Anyway - my point is this. I am humbled by the power of my perception. My insecurities actually made me see something that was not there. Or maybe the new perception after being on the scale...made me miss what was really there? ha ha ha ha Either perception changed the way I felt...the way I walked out of the house...the confidence that I took with me all through the day.

And I am in awe of the power that our mind can have over our physical being. So to you I say, no matter what your frustration today, do not, for ANY Reason, discount the power of the 4 inches between your ears! Look there first. I'm guessing...the answer that will free you from at least some stresses - lies in your noggin!

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