Thursday, October 1, 2009

September family fun!

Stealing Cumquat's from the neighbors tree...and he truly does not care!! :)
But they don't know that!

Yucky - not ripe yet! ha ha ha

Kyle turned the big 6!

A huge storm drove us from our beach day! But if Josh gets to smush in the back of the jeep with his brothers...nothing can make him frown! not even HAIL pelting him on the head!

Making the best of the storm! :)

The top was down on the jeep since we did not expect this the kids drove home with their towels on their heads to keep from getting rained on!

Soccer nights means just mommy and Josh home. So we did some Chinese food for a treat! Kid still LOVES it! :)

A ferry ride to the Museum of Science and History in Jax.

Red Yoshi came along for the trip. This is Jacksonville Landing where we had lunch and hitched the ferry!
Dino eating daddy made Josh cry!

No is Zoltar? Will wished he could be a little pain in the bum...and I think he got his wish!! :) ha ha ha
Largest gum ball machine I have ever seen!! :)

Guess Josh is trying to help me take care of him? Where the heck did he find these???
Walking in the "city"! Can you find the blue "Bah" in this photo!!??

Nope...daddy with Ben on his shoulders is NOT as tall as a sky scraper!

Our little soccer stars!

Look how proud Will is to be on the same team as his idol - KYLE!
And yes...we wonder why Kyle pulls his pants up to his boobies? Truly...the shorts are not too small? Interesting sense of style my little man has? Yikes!


sara said...

Ok - is that your China stroller?????????????????????

sara said...

Ok. That was fun.

What a fabulous update.

Where are all the pictures of YOU?

I miss seeing you (;

Get out the tripod, Momma Bear!

shunter1019 said...

I loved that blog with those pics. Boys all looked so darn cute and BIG!!! I love that y'all drove home with towels on your head..priceless memories. Love you guys!

Erica said...

I love the pic of Will and Kyle together! Will MUST be in heaven. So cute!