Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two weeks......7 days....goes by in a flash...but can change so much!

I have a friend who just had her husband deploy for 6 months, a sister with a newborn and a one year old that has decided that sleep and stroller are not for her anymore, a friend who is potty training her child and a family member that is making some lifestyle changes...and to them I write this.

And so I believe....two weeks is the magic time! It is really a very short time. If vacation is in Two week...then we feel like it is tomorrow! If we only have two weeks left of school...then it is all but over! Two weeks till you give birth....we call it "the end".....Two weeks till daddy comes home...and I start my preparation!

But somehow...that short time, can also feel like an eternity when we are trying to lose weight, grieve for a loss, change a habit, toilet train our kids, prepare for a marathon, get back in shape...etc. etc.

And so I have this theory on the value of two weeks. I agree that it take 21 days to break a bad habit...but it only takes TWO measly Weeks to get your self going naturally in the right direction!! :)

For example: When my husband leaves for an extended period of time, the first two weeks seem so hard. I wonder why the garbage can did not magically make it to the curb in garbage day, and I wonder why the dishwasher did not unload itself? The thing that Steve does for me on a daily basis become habit and therefore when it is gone...I take on that load alone and the load seems overwhelming.

But somehow, at the end of 14 days, the garbage gets out, the kids are clean, homework is done and that passing time has allowed me to take in all of these new responsibilities and make them my own. After this time frame, I no longer think about what used to be...and the new load becomes a part of me! While I miss his company, the job becomes my own and I am a peace with it!

Likewise, if one of my kids is exhibiting a behaviour that needs to be changed, often I find myself correcting them for a few days, and then losing sight of the end goal of change. When I do this...the behaviour rears again and again and seems to bring down the mood of the whole family.

On the other hand, when I work for a full two weeks to stay on top of the behaviour, work to change it, reward the good, squelch the seems that this behaviour is now off the radar for good! Heck...when you potty train a child....each individual day can feel like an eternity...but I find myself marking the start date and the progress on a calendar so that I can keep in check that it had only been "4" days from the start! Because what I know is that I need to push through 14 days of work...and at the end...I will have a fully trained potty goer!

Checking the calendar helps...because a time of change, or sadness, or suffering...can feel like a lifetime. But because I have faith that it takes this certain amount of time to push through, to begin to move forward and helps me to keep a check on the "actual" amount of time that I am dealing with and therefore gain some control over the bleak feeling of possible failure that looms over me!

For me...I need to lose the 10 pounds that i have gained since i moved to Florida. Need to do is not good weight, healthy clothes don't fit, and if affects my daily mood and energy level! And two days ago, I started on a diet plan. It is healthy, yet forces me to change eating habits, exercises habits (or lack there of!) and I am sore and hungry and i feel like the last two days have lasted a week!

But I am keeping close to me that two week rule! I need to stick with this at all cost. In 14 days, the hunger will not be as bad, as my body will have gotten used to the decrease in calories. My legs won't be as sore because my muscles will be used to the increased running and squats!

I'll report my success or failure to you all - I promise that! But what i know is that if I can change my patters to ones that are healthy and beneficial....if I can do this for 336 hours...I can really make the change that I so desire over time...I can change the rut I am in....

Here's to counting down the days...and my true hope of success!! :) And may the two week rule bring you all peace as you work to make your worlds a better place in all ways!


Football & Fried Rice said...

Well, 2 weeks seem do-able?? lol. I always thought it was 21 days, which seems a little more daunting, to make or break a habit!

So, spill about the "plan" you are on.I have, let's say, not lost any weight since coming home from China. Can't leave Mya anywhere, anytime, so the Y is off the radar. I know I could start preparing different food. Hmmff.

Wishing you luck! You are already a skinny minnie!

lyss23 said...

So Dorian has found a new freedom...she is now in a booster chair at the table. There is no more standing up and yelling like a mad that is a blessing! And addy is now sleeping longer and only wakes up two times a night instead of 6! There is progress...and as far as working out...ya running after my kids will have to do for now! lol...But two weeks is do-able...I will definitly keep that in mind when the next hurdle arises and one needs potty trained or one needs a new lesson in behavior! ha ha ha

Erica said...

You can do it! And I don't say that in a patronizing way. I know you can. I have seen you in action. I have seen what you can do. I am cheering you on, knowing you need little of my cheer, because you are one of the strongest women I know!

delucchi family said...

Hi Love your blog!! And this two week thing is just what I needed to hear today - so thank you. I have some mindsets that need changing.
Love Jules