Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doing a whole lot of nothing around here....

Last weekend the boys and I went to the Katty Shack. It is an animal rescue operation in Jacksonville that houses big CATS. Cat's that people might have though would make interesting pets... until they grew to be 200 pounds? And then what? Over 50 large cats at this ranch....lions, tigers, panthers, Jaguars and even a white fox. All in large kennel type arrangements that is no more secluded than my dogs garage kennel. Kind of creepy, but a wonderful thing that this not for profit agency does for these animals. They are no longer able to be in the wild and so they have a nice home here in Jacksonville. Right in the middle of a residential neighborhood! :) NO JOKE! :) Cool thing to see none the less..just glad we don't live there! :)

The Cats like to stalk....and the guide told us that they particularly like to stalk the young kids as they stand at the cages. We had several of them?

On the way home to checked out a new state park. Kyle found a vine to climb on just a few inches from the parking lot! It was a good park! :)

We didn't see any Manatee? But we sure spent some time trying to find them :)

This vine made for a great limbo game!! They must have learned this on spring break because I didn't teach them :)

Josh....doing everything the hard way...but BY HIM SELF!

Josh thought KYle was stuck and he wanted to help pull him through the hole?

And always...Josh...stripping just any old place he feels like it? This is the kid that used to cry every time any article of clothing was taken off! At first we almost had to bath him much we change! :)

The tide had just gone out so the sand was like quick sand...very deep. Throwing rocks in it and trying to make them so deep they disappeared was about the best game EVER! :)

The next day the little boys and I went to see the Air Show on Pop Pops beach.

Didn't do much plane watching...but I enjoyed the show very much!

Will....yet again...finding something...anything he can jump from! A sand dune will work!

Then we headed to the swim club for an evening swim. Might as well take advantage of the warm temps. If I can't wear the sweaters I want to wear...I suppose we will swim.

Kyle swims around with Josh on his back. What good exercise! :) And Josh could not love his ride any more :)

Here they come....TEETH!! Yeah!!

I told Will, "Put your pj's on buddy and a pull up." And that is exactly what he did. And when I asked him why his pullup was outside of his PJ's, he said, "You told me to put the PJ's on first!" Smart guy! None the less..kyle laughed so hard that he snorted! :)

Last soccer game! Sad the season is over...we had such fun! ;)

This is what is was all about for Will. He wanted his FIRST trophy. He slept with it.

Kyle, trying not to look excited! Don't let go of that Big Lunch attitude! :)


Football & Fried Rice said...

I am SOOOO jealous of the beach & the swimming and the tans!! I think we are looking for snow in the very near future? Yuck!!! Good to see that Josh is comfortable enough to take off his clothes anywhere and THANK goodness for the new teeth coming in - I love those toothless years!!

So sad about the cats, really.....and a little scary to think people actually have them as pets to begin with!!!! Imagine the amount of MEAT they eat!!!!

LoveBKWJ said...

The lady there told me that the cats eat more than a hundred pounds of meat a day - per cat? I mean...good - ness! :) It was sad in some ways and a miracle in others...that somone cares enough to dedicate their whole lives to helping. People will always be stupid...good thing there are angels among us to care for those wronged!!

shunter1019 said...

I love those pics and miss the boys so much. I loved the pic of Will jumping in the air...great action photo!!! Oh, and I can't believe how small Josh looked standing "under" Steve!!! Oh how I wish we were at the beach with you guys! Next summer!?!?