Saturday, November 28, 2009

They changed the name!! Whoo hoooo!!!

Ok...I have to share this little tidbit...

so yesterday the kids were talking to their hamster and calling it "that" name...and so I just said casually, "mommy hates the name nibbles." Well, I never expected any one of my boys to care what their uncool mom thought? ...but they did? They hated - that I HATED - the name that they picked. So after a few conversations and checking a few "hamster name" websites...they decided on FLUFFY. And they are very excited about this new name! :) kids are not that creative I suppose...but at least it is not nipples....I mean nibbles!!

And fluffy is doing very well so far in her new home! Cali (the big black furry dog) has taken a huge interest in fluffy and so we are being very careful to keep them apart! :) Other than is bliss in our little circus! :)


Erica said...

So let me get this correct...her name is now FLUFFY NIPPLES???

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, Erica - I love you!! I was trying to think of a way to NOT let Renee get away with this - and you did the work for me ;)

Ahhhh, FN, the new family pet. I expect to see her on the Family Christmas Card ;)


LoveBKWJ said... guys are making me laugh out loud!!! ha ha ha...and don't think that Ben didn't say...this morning, "Here fully...nibble...I mean fluffy." There may be a few FN escaping before we get it straight!! ha ha ha....Seriously!!! :)

shunter1019 said...

OK, fluffy nipples is WAY worse than just plain old nipples! What were you thinking??? LOL!