Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To quick thoughts before I get lost in the Thanksgiving Holiday!

I decided a few weeks ago, that it was not my job to FORCE my kids to play video games less. I mean...if that is what they want to do...then taking it away, or limiting it just makes them want to play it more. And then they are unhappy....thinking of video games and just plain miserable.

I realized this was the case when I told all three big boys to head up to their room and pay with puzzles or Lego's. No video games till before bed! That was it...I was taking control. I go up the stairs to get them for dinner and I pause outside of their room. I listen. And as you can probably guess...they were talking about what guy they would be on Smash Bros. "before bed" and what guy can beat what other guy...and what's more...they were even going as deep as to teach Will what buttons to what that his guy could beat up another guy? All as they sad in the middle of their room with an unopened box of Lego's in the middle of them.

Next plan....give my kids something to do so that they don't want to play video games? Better idea right?

I send Steve to the store yesterday to buy a hamster. They have been asking for a year...I told them to ask Santa...but now seemed the perfect time to introduce yet another living thing into the Mongold family!

They love "nibbles" (yeah...I was not there when they picked the name...sounds like Nipples when Will and Josh say it and I HATE that name...but "nibbles" it is!)

They all want to play with him all the time. And so here is my new take on the whole "find them something else to do besides play video games."

1. I have 4 rough boys...and one small hamster....if that darn thing lives through the week I'll be surprised. And if it does not make it...I have to deal with the whole "death" thing.

2. It smells a bit.

3. It runs in that darn wheel all night long and my house is not big enough to get it far enough away from me to NOT hear it.

4. It poops all over the floor when they play with it.

5. I now need someone to hamster sit when I go away for Christmas.

6. And it is darn hard to find when they forget about it on the floor.

7. Video games are less fragile and less work, cause less fighting.

8. Hmmmmm.....I think this might have been a bad plan!! :)

Anyway - meet Nibbles (I even hate typing it). She is adorable and truly...Steve and I even played with her when the kids went to bed last night! I think I might get attached once I get over the fact that she was probably not the best idea!! :)

And nibbles's house is cooler than ours! :)

Second. I am not sure why I find this funny...but my CHINESE INDIAN is cracking me up. Josh made this headband on Tuesday at school and he hangs it on his bed post when he sleeps and then puts it right back on when he is awake. He wears it ALWAYS. And the feathers are most often right in the front. If you ask him what it is - he will say "MYINIAN". Too funny! :)



Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, Nipples is adorable!!! At least she isn't a puppy (remember I got one in FEB, just 6 short weeks after returning home from China!) That fur ball now weighs over 20# and is still quite the source of tension in our house ;) At least you could easily get someone to babysit Nipples for vacation, etc.

Yes, I am going to continue to call her that.

In other words, your Chinese Indian is pretty stinkin cute!! Glad to see you got your tree up already. We did too - in a hurry, I guess to enjoy it as long as possible - since we didn't get to last year ;) Hmm, wonder why??

Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

Sara & the fam

Football & Fried Rice said...

p.s. You need to start the Snapshot Sunday - so you can showcase each one of your boys every week!!! I'd love to learn more about each of your guys! And then, of course, you take their pictures every week! Good journaling stuff!

Bill and Midge said...

Your post made my day! First, Nipples sounds like he will be a big hit at your home. And yes, I think I too, like Sara, will continue to call him/her Nipples just so you can cringe every time you read it. Josh got a hamster this summer - I am so not a rodent person, but I like Jackie and even go in and talk to him. (Still refuse to hold him though.)

Your little Chinese Indian is adorable. He is growing up so fast Renee. Looks older every time you post a picture of him. We truly have much to be thankful for! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

shunter1019 said...

YUCK, I, like you, will call him Nibbles and ignore the other term of endearment! I love love love the Indian hat on Josh! He's the cutest Chinese American Native Indian EVER!!!!

Erica said...

I laughed from beginning to the end of this post. If those darn zhu zhu pets weren't so hard to find, you could have saved yourself the smell. Anyway, welcome to the family Nipples, I mean Nibbles! We will love you despite your persistent odor and noise :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Baby, you can use anything you want for whatever you want ;) Only cause I love you!! How's life with the furry family member?? heh.