Friday, November 6, 2009


Henan Kids is a group of adoptive families with very special children from China who volunteer time and resource for the well-being of Children in Henan orphanages.

They maintain this website, raise funds, and produce a monthly newsletter as part of trying to accomplish this mission. The profits go to helping the children left behind in the province where Josh was born! Supplies, surgery needs, daily care....every penny helps to give these kids what they need to thrive and hopefully get adopted into a wonderful family! :)


Bill and Midge said...

Hey gal! You and I are on the same page!!! Emily showed me a "sneak peak" yesterday and I sat and looked at it the rest of the afternoon. And I was thrilled to see it was ready to order this morning! All the kids are so gorgeous.

Football & Fried Rice said...

I need to get mine ordered too!!! Adorable kids! Wonderful cause!! I think about the ones left behind so often (sniff)

Erica said...

getting mine right that kid on the top right!