Friday, December 18, 2009

Once upon a time in second grade! :)

Once upon a time there was a special second grade.

And for a special holiday project the plans were being laid.

22 houses ready to go.

And lots of donated goodies to help with the show.

First the gift exchange game, that was tons of fun!

Ben and his buddies share the loot that they "won!" :)

Strap on a bib so the laundry is no hassle....

And ready set go, time to decorate your castle!

Not sure who had more fun...the kid or the mom'...

But in the end this project truly was the bomb!

And as for the art that we set out to make!

These special second graders made top notch work look like a piece of cake! :)

Worth every minute of the parents/teachers time to get it all done...

To all of our second grade friends....Merry Christmas Everyone!

And a huge Thank you to Mrs. Brussard and all the mom's that helped pull off this awesome Christmas party! my years of school to date...this was the best party EVER! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Football & Fried Rice said...

That is an AWESOME party!!!!! I forewent gingerbread houses so far this year but yours look AWESOME!!!!