Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snap Shot Thursday?...close enough to Sunday right?

Kyle is my most sensitive kid. That may surprise people who know my children well. On the surface it may seem that Ben is our most sensitive child, but in truth - if I look at all areas of sensitivity - it is for certain - Kyle.

His feelings can get hurt easy, and he does not like change. At the same time, he is the most sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. His view of the world is much more mature than most 6 year old boys. It is far from self centered - as is the norm for his age and gender.

Kyle is a good friend to his brothers and also to his friends outside the family. He is very well liked at school and by his peers. We joke that he is the mayor of Fernandina Beach, because he knows more people than all the rest of the Mongolds put together! And for whatever reason...many many many of them...are sweet little girls?!?!

Kyle can move from being a big brother, to being a peer seamlessly.

All of the Mongold Brothers claim KYLE as their best friend. When you ask Kyle who his best friend his...he will say "LOTS OF PEOPLE."

Kyle has a desire for adventure, but a fear inside that often holds him back and frustrates him. But he works slowly toward his goal and will not give up. And he works tward his goals sliently. And all of a day..he "got on his bike and rode down the street!"

And most importantly, Kyle is a clown. Silly....always making people laugh.

And what is more...he is not just always TRYING to make people laugh...he usually succeeds in making both children and adults - truly - laugh!


Very silly....always silly!

Since he was old enough to BE silly.......He has been......SILLY! And please don't compliment Kyle...because he will just make a silly face and tell you a joke. Never will he say thank you. I think - in the next picture - someone must have said, " are so smart." Because this is the face you get if you compliment him in any way!

Each child in my family holds a different place. A necessary place. Together we make a whole. We love you Kyle....and we are so thankful for all that you bring to our world! :)

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