Thursday, January 28, 2010

Third time is a charm...but three's a crowd?

When I found out I was pregnant with Will, Steve and I joked that we were now committed to Mongold number 4! Because three is not a charm in kid is lethal! Odd numbers...someone left out...someone to pick on! Even number groups where kids can find a pair seemed the way we needed to go! (please take no offense if you have three kids...truly...we were mostly joking!!...but the conversation took place none the less)

A joke at first...and after my pregnancy with Will was so seemed that the joke was all the further that conversation would take us!

And the time surrounding Will's arrival...we of course found another way to bring our 4th MOngold to our world!

An even number....FINALLY! One year ago, we were the family that Steve and I had talked about so many years ago!

But wait? Something was wrong? Ben and Kyle could not stand Will and Will could not stand Josh and everyone wanted Mommy to play with them...because that was easier than working out the ever so present differences in age and personality within the family? NOT THE PLAN!! I silently cried for help most days by 8:30am?

A year went by...and Still...there were small glimpses of union and comradery...but as a general seemed two and on and one...was our makeup. Maybe it was Will and Kyle...and then Ben and Josh individually begging for my attention. Or maybe Ben and Kyle together and Will and Josh following me around asking me to entertain them one on one. Sometimes it was even Ben and Josh....or Kyle and Josh together. But none the less....the combinations of playmates...never assisted my two by two philosophy! And let's be honest...I truly believed my theory! And after a year...It seemed like I was just dead wrong!

Now with this said...I would not trade a one of them! Love them all more than life itself and beyond. And with 365 days of this routine...I had actually started to get used to it. Dreams of my perfect brotherly match had faded and we took on a new normal around here...apart from what I had hoped. I was now starting to live with and to appreciate what was in front of me...what I HAD.

And then.....around Christmas time...I started to see life changing once again. I saw my children become one. Two by two...but any combination of such would do! Never an outsider.....never a lone sailor. Always with company, and always playing. The fighting seemed to be only once in a while, and one day I realized that I had been cleaning the bathroom for two hours...and NO ONE...I MEAN...NO ONE...came to me to be played with? (kind of sad in a whole other way right?!!)

When I got worried and assumed that the house was burning down around me and certainly must be unaware....I headed from the bathroom and find the crew. And this is what I saw:

Room One (laughter and talking)

room two (creativity and focus)

Yep...let it be said that time heals all things. Friendship takes time. And love is something that you work on and develop!
There is a new peace in my house....and it truly only started in December! And it feels REALLY GOOD.
So the long and short...never give up on your dreams...on what you envision for yourself or your family. Go with the flow and don't worry too much about the end result. Rather - immerse yourself in the process and great things will come. Will they be exactly what you planned? Maybe not....but things will come to you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So much to learn...and so smart all at the same time :)

Watching the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! It proves to me how much he is learning as he lives his life in the good old USA...but it also proves how much he does NOT understand just yet! :)

For example: (and this kind of thing happens every time he watches Blues Clues, Dora or Diego!!)

Today he was sitting right in front of the TV with Diego on the big screen! Josh is so close to the TV that he will certainly need glasses because of it...but you can't be close enough to Diego when he is asking questions!! And it goes....Diego calls out the questions:

"What animal do you see in the camera?" And josh yells "Occopuss" And Diego yells, "Octopus....that's right!" ....Josh gets a big smile!

Then the next question is yelled out....and Josh gets it right again. And when he gets an answer right...he kind of toddles back and forth like a wind up doll...the Josh way of showing contentment! :)

And then the final questions was something like, "And where do we find the Octopus.....(he gives 4 choices) in a a a garden...or in the ocean?" And Josh yells out, "TREE!"

So Diego finishes by saying, "That's the ocean!" Josh starts to toddle back and forth...then realizes that he has gotten it wrong? He stops motion...and gets this perplexed look on his face with eyebrows scrunched up and a scowl across this whole face...and he whispers (not yells like the other answers) "In the ocean".

Poor guy!! :) To know so much..and yet so little! Fully potty trained at 2....can dress himself and recognize at least half of his letters.....more away of his surroundings than most 4 year olds: but thinks sea creatures live in trees? hee hee...Still a long way to go...both because he is two and because of his sheltered start to life!! But darn it...he is getting it! Don't worry about that Diego little guy....He may have all the right answers....but his head is too big for his body and his voice is are way better than him ! :)

What will this new year bring....

I was on the phone with a friend this morning and she told me about how she is helping with summer camp at the Amelia Arts Academy. She mentioned that they have a need for another art teacher and suggested that I talk to the director about filling this spot? Great sounds like a dream to teach kids about art again!! But alas....what will this summer bring?

I can think ahead... only to May. At that point - one of so many things could/will happen. We will probably move, we don't know exactly where....I am excited about most of the possibilities, but anxious about the unknown. The reality is....that no matter what the detailers are speculating for us.....At some point I was to live in Florida....yet ended up back in Norfolk two months before the scheduled move. And at another point I was to live in Washington State...only to find out a month or so before the date...that the Mongolds would reside in Florida?

All great moves, and we have made wonderful friends everywhere that we have gone. We seized opportunities, lived a good life and have stayed very active and happy no matter where! My point...wherever we go...I'll find happiness there! :) I know I can.....

But where? When I think of the SUMMER BREAK this time around I see myself unpacking boxes....driving long etc. No summer camps for my kids, no work for mommy....just adjusting - once again - to wherever we go! :)

And on the flip side...I see an adventure...a chance to be closer to the ones we experiences and new friends? Crazy life this is. And most days I don't think much of it.
But when a move is on the horizon...that is all I think about! :)

I'll keep you posted on our news! Just sharing the thoughts that are swimming around in my head this morning! We will know more in February! Inquiring minds want to know....MY MIND!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pictures of an awesome trip!! :)

We started out on the Sunday before Christmas. All looked good for an easy drive as we drove through Florida and Georgia....and even South Carolina...but wait....WEST VIRGINIA? We heard from the people in the mountains that this was the most snowfall that they had in one storm in over 80 years!! :) Two full feet of snow and it was all happening just as we wanted to get through! ha ha ha ha

But it was gorgeous and it made the kids SOOOO darn excited for the north! :)

So we did what any storm travelers would do....found a cracker barrel! :) Played Checkers, Ate biscuits, and sat by the fire! :)

With so much snow to see on the way, and yet no ability to do ANYTHING but can imagine how bright and early the kids were up to go sledding when we finally reached grandma's house!

Daddy gave it a try....on a kid sled....yep...I swear there is a sled under him!

Josh didn't complain once about being cold! And it was COLD! 18 degrees was the high most days!

Our little dare devil loves sledding. You can go down the big old hills just as fast as humanly possible....he will sit quietly till the ride is over...and then scream...AGAIN!!!

This long old hill leads from my mom's house....all the way down the small an armory. This is where it all happened for sledding when we were kids! I was so happy that my kids found the same love of the woods and thrill of the hills!

Christmas eve at the Carr house!! It was a COLD COLD Night! :) We stayed bundled up...even in the house! And no one minded a bit....together at last! :)

almost time......
The boys all got Mario hat in their stocking! Big hit!:)

Will checking out Josh's loot...wondering if he was going to get MORE! ha h aha

Thanks Pop was a huge hit!

Josh and his favorite guy of the week!

Addyand Josh were baptised the day after Christmas! A wonderful day!

My God daughter and me!!

Some carriage house hockey to pass the time on a cold night! :)

Another day of sledding! I think this was day 5!

This time we hit the ski lodge sledding hill!! Very fast and much fun! :)

Will has no fear? In a good way...and in a bad way! Scared me to death! This was his last trip up before his little body just said - enough! :) He had the best time of all! :)

Then off to washington DC for a celebration with the Hunters!
Thanks Hunters for an awesome New Years!
AFter DC, we headed home. Day one of travel was just fine and by the end of day two we were swearing we would NEVER do this again! :) ha ha ha...but all in all...we'll do it again! It was worth every mile! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!