Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pictures of an awesome trip!! :)

We started out on the Sunday before Christmas. All looked good for an easy drive as we drove through Florida and Georgia....and even South Carolina...but wait....WEST VIRGINIA? We heard from the people in the mountains that this was the most snowfall that they had in one storm in over 80 years!! :) Two full feet of snow and it was all happening just as we wanted to get through! ha ha ha ha

But it was gorgeous and it made the kids SOOOO darn excited for the north! :)

So we did what any storm travelers would do....found a cracker barrel! :) Played Checkers, Ate biscuits, and sat by the fire! :)

With so much snow to see on the way, and yet no ability to do ANYTHING but look...you can imagine how bright and early the kids were up to go sledding when we finally reached grandma's house!

Daddy gave it a try....on a kid sled....yep...I swear there is a sled under him!

Josh didn't complain once about being cold! And it was COLD! 18 degrees was the high most days!

Our little dare devil loves sledding. You can go down the big old hills just as fast as humanly possible....he will sit quietly till the ride is over...and then scream...AGAIN!!!

This long old hill leads from my mom's house....all the way down the small mountain....to an armory. This is where it all happened for sledding when we were kids! I was so happy that my kids found the same love of the woods and thrill of the hills!

Christmas eve at the Carr house!! It was a COLD COLD Night! :) We stayed bundled up...even in the house! And no one minded a bit....together at last! :)

almost time......
The boys all got Mario hat in their stocking! Big hit!:)

Will checking out Josh's loot...wondering if he was going to get MORE! ha h aha

Thanks Pop Pop...it was a huge hit!

Josh and his favorite guy of the week!

Addyand Josh were baptised the day after Christmas! A wonderful day!

My God daughter and me!!

Some carriage house hockey to pass the time on a cold night! :)

Another day of sledding! I think this was day 5!

This time we hit the ski lodge sledding hill!! Very fast and much fun! :)

Will has no fear? In a good way...and in a bad way! Scared me to death! This was his last trip up before his little body just said - enough! :) He had the best time of all! :)

Then off to washington DC for a celebration with the Hunters!
Thanks Hunters for an awesome New Years!
AFter DC, we headed home. Day one of travel was just fine and by the end of day two we were swearing we would NEVER do this again! :) ha ha ha...but all in all...we'll do it again! It was worth every mile! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


Bill and Midge said...

Your boys are soooo stinkin' cute!!!! LOVE the pic's. Looks like the Mongold family had a great Christmas. The snow pictures were just wonderful - your kids probably enjoyed it more than mine. We were just trying to dig out so we could head south. And I loved Joshua's baptism pictures. How precious for your family. God bless you now and always little man.

shunter1019 said...

It was all SO FUN! While our household was ecstatic for your stay, we are now so sad to be without you all again. It was a GREAT time(Well, except for all of Ryan's wounds-LOL)- we love you and miss you all way so much :) Ringing in 2010 together is the best way I can think of to start a new year! Love you!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh my goodness - what a trip!! You are a sucker! (Cracker Barrel is the bEST for kids!) I love the boys' hats - they all have such good hair for hats - and I love your family's picture in the snow! And how precious to see Josh being baptized AND someone trusts you to be their baby's godmother?!?!? haha.....

You are such a dork with your comments - you would be so good for me to hang out with ;) Tell me again why we live so far apart??!?! My ego could really use you - maybe you would inspire me to lose some weight so I could borrow your clothes! You always look adorable!!