Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So much to learn...and so smart all at the same time :)

Watching the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! It proves to me how much he is learning as he lives his life in the good old USA...but it also proves how much he does NOT understand just yet! :)

For example: (and this kind of thing happens every time he watches Blues Clues, Dora or Diego!!)

Today he was sitting right in front of the TV with Diego on the big screen! Josh is so close to the TV that he will certainly need glasses because of it...but you can't be close enough to Diego when he is asking questions!! And it goes....Diego calls out the questions:

"What animal do you see in the camera?" And josh yells "Occopuss" And Diego yells, "Octopus....that's right!" ....Josh gets a big smile!

Then the next question is yelled out....and Josh gets it right again. And when he gets an answer right...he kind of toddles back and forth like a wind up doll...the Josh way of showing contentment! :)

And then the final questions was something like, "And where do we find the Octopus.....(he gives 4 choices) in a a a garden...or in the ocean?" And Josh yells out, "TREE!"

So Diego finishes by saying, "That's the ocean!" Josh starts to toddle back and forth...then realizes that he has gotten it wrong? He stops motion...and gets this perplexed look on his face with eyebrows scrunched up and a scowl across this whole face...and he whispers (not yells like the other answers) "In the ocean".

Poor guy!! :) To know so much..and yet so little! Fully potty trained at 2....can dress himself and recognize at least half of his letters.....more away of his surroundings than most 4 year olds: but thinks sea creatures live in trees? hee hee...Still a long way to go...both because he is two and because of his sheltered start to life!! But darn it...he is getting it! Don't worry about that Diego little guy....He may have all the right answers....but his head is too big for his body and his voice is are way better than him ! :)


Football & Fried Rice said...

I love it - Mya is the same way!! Only she doesn't care that she gets it wrong - and doesn't even acknowledge it. I love it when Dora or Diego will SAY the answer, then ask the viewers to repeat/recall it - and Mya STILL doesn't get it?!!!?! Oh well!!

shunter1019 said...

SO FUNNY! I can totally see him doing this....cracking me right up!

Heather Thompson said...

Josh and Drew must be physically related-absolutely must be. only thing is Drew never notices when he misses those answers and just keeps on repeating. and Drew isn't potty trained. at three+. wanna have a potty training camp? ;)
Josh is adorable and I LOVE the look on his face sitting at that class table!