Friday, February 19, 2010

Amazing Journey

Some of you may already know about Katie, but if on the above link and read more. This amazing young girl lives in Africa (Uganda) and has 14 adopted children. Her post this week is amazing. It talks about what she knows she gave up and how hard her decision was to give it all up - in order to be a mother to these children. But she did it! I am truly in awe of this girl and her mission! She is 20 years old? I'll tell ya...I read a ton books and magazines. But I have never read anything that has touched me more than the accounts of Katie's journey. Enjoy!

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Football & Fried Rice said...

I know, I know!! Truly humbling!!! I could only pray that ONE of my kids would end up with HALF the heart of Katie. What a stunning example she is to us all!