Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Times they are a changin'

This week has been interesting here at the Mongold house. Many of you know that Steve interviewed recently for a job working with an admiral in norfolk, VA. Getting this job would not only be a great career move for Steve, but also a large personal accomplishment. (no...their is no pay raise...I guess status is all you get in the military so you learn to strive for it despite that fact!) The other side of the coin is...if Steve got this job, then we would be - for certain - headed back to Chesapeake to live this coming June. pressure or anything daddy???

IN addition to waiting on the news of Steve's job possibilities this week, daddy is also deploying for a while.

Anxiety, anticipation, dread, excitement, sadness....who the heck knows how we are all feeling around her. Everyone with a different mindset, yet all in a place of turmoil. Somehow...we all lived through this crazy week and now we have the following to report:

Steve was offered the job in Norfolk, and he accepted. We will head out of beautiful Fernandina in June and head back to our home in Chesapeake in mid July! And well...daddy still deployed? But with such closure on what the future holds for us, I think that makes it all seem just a little bit better.

I swear that I can handle anything as long as I have information. This lack of info and our undecided future is not easy for my personality. And I will rest easier knowing that we have a plan. And truly - a good one!! :)

We will miss our life here on Amelia Island. So many wonderful friends, the beauty of the surroundings, the easy of this little town, the schools that we have grown to love.....we will miss it all and tears will flow as we pull away.

Kyle is the saddest...well...maybe Ben? Who knows...they have made so many good friends and they have such full lives. They feel torn about the future. Glad to be going home...but a fear of leaving a life that has been so good to them!

I have promised them...and myself...that it is not goodbye to Amelia Island...just - see you soon - as we will visit and keep in touch with our dear friends! And well...Chesapeake - Hampton Rhodes - was home to the Mongolds for so very long. Over 15 years! And so there is something so welcoming about knowing we will be back home! I feel very peaceful knowing that we will be back on Larkspur lane with our awesome neighbors....and able to easily drive to see the best part of our lives - our FAMILY!! :)

It's a sad week in a short term kind of way, as we never like to say goodbye to daddy! But we are darn proud of him for landing this job, and so very in awe of his constant ability to provide for his family and to move us in such great directions! He is amazing! We will miss you babe, but we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for us.

Let the planning begin? Movers? Packers? Cleaning crews? Logistics? Va Medical forms, school enfollment.....ha ha ha...didn't we just do this! :) Yeah..well...I won't complain because Hawaii was next on the slate for us and a very possible second option. And let's face it. Beautiful place...NOT close to our family!

So that's the news! It is official. Orders are written. Could it change? Well...always a chance when you are in the military. But most likely...NO...we are set and on our way to the next phase of life! :)

This move for me: This move for me is kind of strange? We moved to CT and I was 8 months pregnant, so I knew that Kyle would be born there. When we moved to Chesapeake I bought a business and a house, had a baby and started an adoption process. When we left Chesapeake, I sold a business, and prepared for Mongold number 4. While living here on Amelia Island we welcomed our new baby into our lives. And now...WHAT? Easy street I guess (shell...I am knocking on wood right now!). NO house to buy, so house to sell, so kids to have, no business owned, just packing and unpacking? I already feel a little BORED? What should we do next? Need suggestions!!! ha ha ha


Eric said...

That works out perfectly! We are planning a summer vacation in the Norfolk area since my brother-in-law just relocated there last Fall (we missed out when he was stationed in Oahu and Whidbey, but we take what we can get). Getting to see the Mongolds during back-to-back family vacations? Priceless. P.S. Love the pics. How ever did you teach your kids to smile without showing all their teeth??

wyanne said...

Oh no....I am so sad. But happy for you at the same time. We will miss you guys so much!

dandsratz said...

One thing is FOR DARN SURE!!!!.....we will be here welcoming you with WIDE OPEN ARMS!!!! I can imagine that all of the change is difficult & exciting all at the same time....praying you through it all, and know that whatever way that I can help, I most certainly will! Love you!!!!

shunter1019 said...

I LOVE YOU....the 4 hour drive seems SO close now! I can not wait. I can't wait for you to be close, I can't wait for the kids to play all summer, I can't wait to have "my" beach house back(ok, well not "my" but sorta, what's mine is yours, what's yours is mine...) I can't wait to be able to drive to see you all when I feel that I just NEED to, I can't wait for Shane to see his best friend any ole weekend he wants, to come to bday parties and 1st communions...just can't wait...LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Love to Steve...the Hunter's are so proud of him as well. I mean who can honestly say they know a NUCLEAR ENGINEER for goodness sake??? Love you!