Friday, March 19, 2010

Old enough to do the right thing...even when it is not pleasant!

Ben has reached an age where he holds responsibility in this world. He knows what is expected and that some expectations are not always "fun!". Old enough to do the right thing...even when it is not pleasant!...and most often...he will do what is expected without complaint! (but not all the time! h ah ha ha)

So we are at the soccer field last night for picture night. Kyle and will are getting their picture taken both individually and for the team picture. We had a 5:00 picture time, and it is now almost 5:45 and we are still in line. Lots of people, but a large open space at the field, so not too terrible. There is one little girl in front of Kyle and Will and then it is time for them to be up. Will is crazy and needs me to stand him still and Kyle....well...he needs me to threaten him so that he will smile. I need to be there for this to be worth my 70.00!

And just as Will is about to be up...Josh pulls down his pants and says, "mommy...I pee in grass?" I say no buddy, you have to hold it for one minute...and he says, (in his most mean voice), "I pee in grass or in my pants!" I guess that meant we did not have a minute to spare!

So I look at Ben and say, "Ben..please...take Josh to the potty for me and I owe you big time." And Ben, without complaint, takes Josh's hand and they head off for the bathroom.

Individual pictures are taken and now we have to line up for the team photo. 15 min has gone by and I scanning the crowd, but can't seem to see Josh and Ben. I am getting nervous, but I can't leave Kyle and Will? Another 5 min goes by and now we are finally up for our team photos. Still no Josh and Ben. Now I am anxious and I say to another mother, "Can you see Ben and Josh...maybe I am not looking well enough?" She scans the crowd and affirms....they are no where in sight.

So the guy snaps the photo and we are off and running. My assumption is that they went back to the car to wait. We run to to Josh and Ben? Now I am about ready to throw up? I run from the parking lot, back to the bathroom area and I see a large line outside of the men's room. I politely ask one of the men, "Have you been waiting long?" He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Yeah...I guess?"

I go to the front of the line and knock on the door yelling, "Josh and Ben...are you in there?????" And just then the door opens and out come my little men. Now this is at least 20 min after I sent them and the bathrooms were mere feet from where the pictures were being taken. I look at Ben like, "WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU SO LONG!!??" And he says, " was not pretty mom. Josh had to poop - A LOT." And he has this look of horror on his face.

He continues, "So I let him poop and then I tried to wipe, but it was gross and I got it all over his back. SO I used a lot of toilet paper and I didn't want to clog the toilet. So I asked him to get up so I could flush. And he did. And then I tried to wipe him more while he was standing but his cheeks were too close together. I got him back up on the potty to spread his cheeks and wipes some more. But I'm really not sure I got it all?"

Oh my...poor Ben. I ask the mom question..."Did you wash your hands?" And he said, "Yeah...of course I was gross!"

Ben let me know that he was not sure he got it all but that he did the best he could! My poor Ben. He will Never have children now! :) ha ha ha. But how awesome that he didn't just run and get me. He knew he was in charge and he took care of it. Till the bitter end! I was so proud of him. Felt horrible...because I never wanted my kids to have to wipe each others bums...they are a bit close in age for that! But I am so happy that Ben took his responsibility to heart and did the right thing. And truly - he said it was gross...but he never complained!! :) What an interesting, but great mommy moment! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Josh and his ABC's

Josh loves loves loves to sing his ABC's. I have to be honest...we don't work on that kind of thing as much as we should at home? Days seem to go by and well...they go by?

But they must sing the ABC's at the end of each preschool day - before the parents come. I assume this because he says "Good Bye....see you tomorrow" at the end of the song each time he sings it. And for those of you who know Josh..when I say...ALL THE TIME...I mean...ALL THE TIME. He is a repeater. If he can say it, sing it, do it...he says/sings/ ALL THE TIME!

Oh how I hope I remember it all....when he is 20 and his own person...please brain - hold on to these times!



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our little Red.

Ben thinks about baseball when he is not playing, he talks about baseball most of the time. He asks me 10 times a day...when is the next game. And if he is bored....he wants to do nothing but practice throwing, catching and batting. He gets us all out of the house and to the nearest large field most every sunny day!
And because he loves it so makes me love it that much too. I used to hate sitting there for hours on end in the hot sun, but this season, it is different. The kids can really play and they love what they are doing. All of a sudden a two hour games seems to take 30 minutes to finish!
With that said......first win of the season today!! The little men did awesome! And after losing the last two games...this win was a welcomed ego boost for the Reds!! ha ha ha The best part isn't like we played a bad team and won for that reason. This was a very good team and I expected that we would get beat. But they are just growing as players and as a team and they won because they hung in there and played a really good game! Very proud of you guys! :) Can't wait till next time! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Just an additional note to the blog I wrote this morning...

Ok....I am sitting at my computer - giggling at the comments that people posted on my blog in response to my crazy day today....! I got to the part When Midge writes, "And I think you are a wonderful mom for giving Will the extra doughnut instead of eating it yourself. I would have so eaten the extra doughnut. " and of course...I am now laughing out loud!!

At this point Ben and Kyle come running into the office and are asking me what is so funny! And I said..."mommy wrote a story about her day and her friends made some funny comments about it." And Ben says..."Read the story to us!" And so I did.

I read the whole story and my kids - three of them anyway - were laughing so hard that they were laying on the ground? I mean...really....they should find some pause for sympathy in this story...but they now think that my "wits end" state is the funniest thing that has ever been written! Take note all you children's book authors.....Guess kids don't want funny rhymes anymore...they want stories about how their mother almost erupts like a volcano!! :)

ha ha ha ha!

Not a baby anymore...and a few other things....

So I get up this morning at 5:45....get everyone dressed, lunches made, breakfast on....and we are in the car at 7:20am. A bit early, but with the construction at the school, the drop off line is slow moving - down to one short lane....and so we need that extra time to brave the long line! And what's more...Ben and our neighbor Emily have an irrational fear of getting a tardy slip and I can't stand to listen to them give me all kinds of reasons why I should rush passed all the cars in front or me and skip line just so they can be early to school?

Anyway - I am early...that's the point!

I get everyone buckled fight over who will sit up front, solve the problems...yell a bit...threaten them within an inch of their life that if they don't buckel up I am going to involuntarily erupt like a huge volcano - and then he says it, "Mommy...I have to pee...bad!!!"

And with that - he starts to cry. He knows that I am in a hurry - Josh that is - but he has to go potty and that is that. If I don't let him go...he will cry the entire time we are in the car line. So against my better judgment - I pull him out of his seat and let him pee right there in the front yard? Yeah...explaining the whole time how this can NEVER happen again and that peeing in the yard is bad!! ha ha ha...what a good mommy I am!?

So I get Josh back in his seat...we are ready to go! coffee cup is still on top of the car? I get out...grab my cup...and yes...I spill it ALL OVER ME? I mean...ALL OVER ME. Just slipped out of my hand...fell to the ground....and I am soaked? time for this - need to get moving.

I take the keys out of my purse...start the car....and I hear....CLICK CLICK CLICK....not VROOOM>>>VROOM>>> but CLICK CLICK CLICK? Yep...I can feel the tears? But no time to cry...I need to jump the car! Long car line...clock is ticking.....

I get out the cables...and Steve's car is too far I go inside...find the keys to Steve's car and pull it closer. But now I am realizing that we are certainly going to be tardy. So I call Our neighbor who I carpool with and tell her my battery woes...and she offers to come grab the big kids and get them to school on time! Yeah Sarah - THANK YOU!!

I get the cables hooked up, and it works (surprised the heck out of me....I have truly never done this myself before - very easy! Sad that I avoided learning it in days passed!).

Now I am off to get the little kids to school, and I realize that I am on E - EMPTY. I check the gauge and it reads, "2 miles to empty". 3 miles to school? the gas station. I try my credit card in the slot...all the while breaking the law and NOT turning my car off for fear the battery is not fully charged and I hear a lady in the speaker say - "The pump card readers are broken ma' have to come inside to pay?"

Well..I explain to Josh and Will that i have to go in real quick and pay for the gas... and they are screaming...I want a bug juice...I want donuts....blah blah blah...and I say, "OK" Because I have no fight left in me at this point!

I pay for the gas, grab two bug juices and one sleeve of little chocolate donuts and back i come to pump my gas and hope like heck the engine does not spark and kill us all.

And here is the reason for the title:

The sleeve of donuts has 6 in it. In a normal family we would divide it up 3 and 3 - but Josh can't eat three donuts - first of all - and second of all - if he could eat three donuts, it would take till sundown and the school is just a few miles away. So I hand four little donuts to Will and two to Josh. 4 and 2. That seemed fair given the size difference and eating skills of the kids.

There is silence - Will is shoving donuts in his face like cookie monster and I look back at josh and he is just sitting there? Not eating? I say, "Buddy...don't you like your donuts?" And he says, (plain as day)

"Will have four no-nuts and I have two? (Frown....raised eyebrows) That not fee-are. Will have more! Dis NOT Fee-are DAY mom!"

translation (Will has four donuts....that's not fair. Will has more...this is a no fair day mom!! And you suck for giving him more than me and I wish I were in another family who treated all of their kids as equals!"

Oh more pulling anything over on that Josh...he is three...large and charge...and getting the world in way that I only thought possible one year ago! Sorry man - I'll be even next time...FAIR - I promise!! You WILL HAVE A fee-are LIFE!!!"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Habby do Jooooshuuuuuaaaaaaaa......

Oh yes...a birthday part at the Mongolds house!! We had it one night early to accommodate Baseball practice on Thursday! But Josh didn't care!

A present from GG Mongold......So fun! And Will...lurking in the backdrop to see if it is something worth befriending Josh for???

Whoo hooo... a new book with animals to play with! Thank you GG!

And another box from the Hunter clan!!!

Wow...ton's of art supplies...and "I AM NOT SHARING"!! Says Josh!!

Ben, Kyle and Will also got Josh some presents.....Whoo hooo!!

Ben is modeling JOsh's new suit case!! That JOsh still loves his bags, boxes and cases!! Carries one EVERYWHERE with him!

Aunt Shelli and I are of like mind!! Mommy got a new table and chairs for Josh and Shelli got the art supplies. Josh and Will may never stand up again! This sticker book went to Ben with Josh last night! And my pants are covered with little Einsteins stickers!

Here's the table and chairs!

So fun! And I put it right outside the laundry room so that the carpet can stay marker free!!

And speaking of bags...the markers came with one? Makes them even MORE fun! :)

I love when Ben colors with me!! :)

Under the sea cake!! Let the fight for cake decor begin!! :)

We didn't just sing for Josh..the Mongold Brothers Band played for the big event as well!

And our conductor could not stay put at the table...he had to join in!

Krazy KYle on Trumpet!

Little Willy on Drums.

And Big Ben on the guitar!

Josh sang to himself...louder than all of us put together!

Kyle started a game of "who can be the silliest!" NOt sure who won!

And we ended the night by teaching Josh how to make fart noises on his arm? will love this new skill!

Whoo hoooo....Best Birthday ever! Last year...Josh had been with us just a couple of months and life was still kind of rough all around! This year....Josh knows it is his big day...he knows who is family is! He knows to expect and love new things! Josh can talk and sing and I rarely even see a hint of that scared little boy that came to us one year ago! Our little man! You are three and we love you so so so very much!! :) Here's to another great year with my 4 babes! I am one lucky mamma!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mommy's baby...

Steve always tells me that he knows I am concentrating hard when my tongue is sticking out! Guess will takes after his mommy!! :)