Thursday, March 4, 2010

Habby do Jooooshuuuuuaaaaaaaa......

Oh yes...a birthday part at the Mongolds house!! We had it one night early to accommodate Baseball practice on Thursday! But Josh didn't care!

A present from GG Mongold......So fun! And Will...lurking in the backdrop to see if it is something worth befriending Josh for???

Whoo hooo... a new book with animals to play with! Thank you GG!

And another box from the Hunter clan!!!

Wow...ton's of art supplies...and "I AM NOT SHARING"!! Says Josh!!

Ben, Kyle and Will also got Josh some presents.....Whoo hooo!!

Ben is modeling JOsh's new suit case!! That JOsh still loves his bags, boxes and cases!! Carries one EVERYWHERE with him!

Aunt Shelli and I are of like mind!! Mommy got a new table and chairs for Josh and Shelli got the art supplies. Josh and Will may never stand up again! This sticker book went to Ben with Josh last night! And my pants are covered with little Einsteins stickers!

Here's the table and chairs!

So fun! And I put it right outside the laundry room so that the carpet can stay marker free!!

And speaking of bags...the markers came with one? Makes them even MORE fun! :)

I love when Ben colors with me!! :)

Under the sea cake!! Let the fight for cake decor begin!! :)

We didn't just sing for Josh..the Mongold Brothers Band played for the big event as well!

And our conductor could not stay put at the table...he had to join in!

Krazy KYle on Trumpet!

Little Willy on Drums.

And Big Ben on the guitar!

Josh sang to himself...louder than all of us put together!

Kyle started a game of "who can be the silliest!" NOt sure who won!

And we ended the night by teaching Josh how to make fart noises on his arm? will love this new skill!

Whoo hoooo....Best Birthday ever! Last year...Josh had been with us just a couple of months and life was still kind of rough all around! This year....Josh knows it is his big day...he knows who is family is! He knows to expect and love new things! Josh can talk and sing and I rarely even see a hint of that scared little boy that came to us one year ago! Our little man! You are three and we love you so so so very much!! :) Here's to another great year with my 4 babes! I am one lucky mamma!!


Football & Fried Rice said...

You waited till bedtime to break out the cake?? You are a brave Momma Bear!!

Happy Birthday to your little man! i love his buzz cut; I can't believe he went from not even being TWO, to now he's a big THREE year old, who can make fart noises on his arm. I am so proud.

Bill and Midge said...

You are one lucky Momma, and one Awesome Momma! Our Joshua was excited because it's almost his birthday too! March must be the month for Josh's to be born.

Joshua Song looks so happy, so grown up, so wonderful. Best wishes and all our blessings for a wonderful year. Hope to see you guys this summer.

shunter1019 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil' Man! The Hunter clan LOVES you and can't wait to see all the things you can make with all your new art stuff. HAPPY 3rd birthday little Josh! You are a blessing to us all! Love, Uncle Hunter, Aunt Shelli, Shane and Ryan!!! xxxooooxoxox

Heather Thompson said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Joshua!!! So glad you love to take lots of pic's like me;) It makes it feel like we're enjoying the celebration! Love the band and the picture of Josh singing his lungs out might be my favorite!!!