Friday, March 5, 2010

Just an additional note to the blog I wrote this morning...

Ok....I am sitting at my computer - giggling at the comments that people posted on my blog in response to my crazy day today....! I got to the part When Midge writes, "And I think you are a wonderful mom for giving Will the extra doughnut instead of eating it yourself. I would have so eaten the extra doughnut. " and of course...I am now laughing out loud!!

At this point Ben and Kyle come running into the office and are asking me what is so funny! And I said..."mommy wrote a story about her day and her friends made some funny comments about it." And Ben says..."Read the story to us!" And so I did.

I read the whole story and my kids - three of them anyway - were laughing so hard that they were laying on the ground? I mean...really....they should find some pause for sympathy in this story...but they now think that my "wits end" state is the funniest thing that has ever been written! Take note all you children's book authors.....Guess kids don't want funny rhymes anymore...they want stories about how their mother almost erupts like a volcano!! :)

ha ha ha ha!

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