Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our little Red.

Ben thinks about baseball when he is not playing, he talks about baseball most of the time. He asks me 10 times a day...when is the next game. And if he is bored....he wants to do nothing but practice throwing, catching and batting. He gets us all out of the house and to the nearest large field most every sunny day!
And because he loves it so makes me love it that much too. I used to hate sitting there for hours on end in the hot sun, but this season, it is different. The kids can really play and they love what they are doing. All of a sudden a two hour games seems to take 30 minutes to finish!
With that said......first win of the season today!! The little men did awesome! And after losing the last two games...this win was a welcomed ego boost for the Reds!! ha ha ha The best part isn't like we played a bad team and won for that reason. This was a very good team and I expected that we would get beat. But they are just growing as players and as a team and they won because they hung in there and played a really good game! Very proud of you guys! :) Can't wait till next time! :)


shunter1019 said...

I love this pic of him. I also loved our 2.5 hr talk last night...OMG how time! I guess somehow you managed to get there and watch I can't wait to hear how it all worked out! Love you all!

Ellen said...

Congrats, Ben! BTW .... I LOVED the story you posted a week or so ago. I can so relate to days like that!