Saturday, April 24, 2010

A big couple of days...

Where's daddy Josh?? And he pointed right towards the direction that the sub always comes in!! Good memory...he was so excited this time - REALLY excited!! :) When we were leaving the baseball field last last night Josh said, "I want to ride with daddy!!" And I said, "Sure buddy...go ahead." And he looked at me with this huge smile....made his hand to a fist and pulled his whole arm back...yelling "YES"! Boy that little man it growing up fast! And it is such a wonderful welcome home to STeve that Josh didn't miss a beat this time. He is right back in daddy's lap!

I't almost can see it in the distance in the background! The boys are so anxious!
An amazing view of the Sub (middle) and the other boats that are escorting them home. Security boats. Helicopters were over head and dolphins were swimming in the wake! A pretty fantastic site to all the families on the beach!

When the sub gets close enough to see us all on the beach - they blow a huge horn. Everyone is cheering and every child "knows" that it is their daddy...beeping the horn...for THEM! :) Always makes me almost cry to hear it and to know how that one sound fills the hearts of so many little ones who have missed their daddy's!!

Daddy got stuck on the boat, as I told you in the last blog, but was able to make the game on Friday night - the whole game! And Ben was a rock star!! Proud moment for both of them!!! :)
Oh...and Will is our up and coming baseball star...he loves it. But we have some work to do!! :)

Possibly baseball..or maybe just put on this earth to be cute!!...we will see! For now...I'll take this sweet face!!

And we close out our two day streak of WAY TOO MUCH TO DO with a soccer game at 8am this morning...after not leaving the baseball field till 9:45 last night. But the boys were still engaged! And they won their game! Kyle scored all but one of the goals and Will ALMOST scored...but played with heart the whole game!! And for those of you that know Will...well....this is quite a change and a welcome advancement in his ever growing self!! :) We are so proud of him and happy that he is seeing himself as a big boy now and really trying in all that he does! :) We love our Willamina!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Daddy's home!!!

Daddy came home last night!! I think my husband came with him, but the kids have been hiding him from me? Hmmmm.....

Everyone is very happy and it was a super way to spend my birthday! The whole Mongold family is together again, and we will be staying that way for a decent chunk of time!! Yeah!

I have no great sub photos this time around. We got to the beach to see the sub come by... just in the nick of time! I never even had time to get my camera out!

And after hours of waiting for Steve at the base to welcome him home....he never came? They needed him on the boat for whatever reason, and when a boat pulls in, they don't really have phone service right there was no way for him to communicate that to us.

Around 4:30, (started waiting at 9:30am) we finally decided that we would just go home. Ben had a baseball game at 6 and we had an hour drive home. So we went...boys sad...Josh tired.... While "I" knew that we would see him soon and I tried to covey that to the boys..."they" just knew what was in front of them. We waited...and no daddy! I truly felt bad for them. They didn't even talk on the whole ride home.

So we got home and changed our clothes and packed up for Baseball. A nice distraction from the realities that were upon us. And it worked. Kyle, Will and Josh found their friends....started playing and bugging the concession stand people for GUM every 10 min....and Ben put his game face on and left his sorrows behind!!

Game was a bit over half over and guess who showed up at the field!! DADDY!! Yeah....not the reunion we had planned...but a good one none the less!! :) And I don't think anyone was quite as excited as Ben. His daddy was here...he was doing his favorite thing in the world - baseball....and now he could show his daddy his "stuff"!

And the story goes on.....Last Bat....Game is tied...Ben is up to bat. There are two outs. Now let me digress....Ben has hit a home run for the last two games and almost NEVER strikes out. So we are SURE that this is our game winning batter. One home run...and we win by one point. And Steve gets to see this baseball miracle!! Right....??? hmmmmmmm

So we are all quiet...Ben is standing at the plate...he looks over at his can tell he is just full of everything....excitement, anxiety, hope.....

Swing and a miss...swing and a miss..foul. more more try!! .......Swing and a......MISS.

Darn it.

Poor guy struck out, game ended in a tie...and he didn't get to show daddy his stuff. Talk about disappointment. I truly had to hold myself back from crying for him! :)

Of course we all cheered for him and daddy ran and picked him up. But the defeat was written all over his face. He didn't cry...and he didn't get mad. He just looked defeated!

So daddy took the kids to Taco Bell while I got Josh in Bed and I think that helped to ease the pain!! ha ha ha Another game this I am sure he will be able to show off there...or at least I hope! I swear...we all need to cross our fingers and toes for him!! :) Not because I care if he is good or bad at this silly sport...just because I know he wants to make his daddy proud! The daddy that is ALWAYS proud...but boys will be boys...and I am hoping for the best for my baby!! :) end...I got the official CD of our family photo session a few months ago and there were some additional photos included that I had not seen. Maybe not frame worthy...or at least some of them...but fun to see and I thought friends and family would like to share them with us! :)

Have an awesome week! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sweet boy!


Happy First Communion Ben!

In the words of Ben: "Mom...this was the greatest day ever! I got to have Gods greatest gift....20 dollars....and a hot fudge sunday! :) (in that order...must be doing something right!!)
So proud of our little man!!
Congratulations Ben!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Not sure why i have not been blogging lately? I mean...I never have enough time..but I always seem to force the time in there? I suppose the kids are growing and we are not home as much during the days!! Who knows....but here's what we have been doing!! :) Nothing all that exciting. Waiting for daddy to come home and anticipating our move. School, sports, classes, friends....the usual!! :) Each day is full and fun and while I go from being ready to cry one minute because I can't find the keys to the jumping like a 40 year old cheerleader at a soccer game.....we are healthy and happy and enjoying the ups and downs of life! :)

Will wants to do nothing but build these days. Blocks...leggos....his attention span for this kind of thing is remarkable - considering he can't sit at the kitchen table for dinner more than 3 min without imploding!! :) But he is having fun and just truly becoming a 5 year old!! I'll miss that crazy 4 year old Will is some ways...but mostly....this is a welcome advancement in the life of my third child. I'll take it!! :)

Pine wood derby with Ben's best buddies. I think Ben came in next to he didn't care as long as he could be with his friends!

Camp Mongold passes the time. Kids are having hours of fun playing CAMP. But we sleep inside. Too many gators and what not in those ponds and woods!! :) This is day time fun only!

Tire swing broke? And yep...someone was on it. And darn was not even my kids. I felt terrible. But she is ok and still allowed to come over...and for now...this is what we do with what is left! Not getting fixed till Daddy gets home...and at that...I draw the line !:)

I know this is Josh's second Easter with us...but last Easter was a bit rough all around...this time..HE GETS IT!! :) loving that Easter bunny!! :) CANDY! His favorite thing to have! :)

A few days before Easter Ben was hit in the eye with a large garden shovel. So much blood? Aghhh....All I can say is...for a few moment...till I got the blood cleared...I was not sure that it wasn't his eye ball that was hit. THANK GOD it was under the eye. It is healing well...will probably leave a scar that will keep him looking tough for all of time!

Easter Day we headed to a Disney resort for a few days. Just me and the kids! It was fun - crazy - horrible and then fun again! !:) ha ha ha...but the kids remember it fondly and they want to go back next weekend!! (NOT ME!!)

Air brush many as you the pool all day! The artist became our BEST FRIEND! :)

Three pools, a water slide, rock to jump off of, water falls, lagoons and hot tubs galore.....made for fun days in Orlando! :)

And if swimming all day was not enough...we would hit the pool each night before Ben. Too chilly with the evening wind for me and we blew bubbles! :)

We were able to spend a whole day with the Zayac's!! So fun! :) Their resort had even more pools, water slides, lazy rivers. etc. etc. The fun never stopped. And we all got fried in the sun....and not many good pics because we were always wet? Not a good place for a camera!

Ahhhhhh....LEGO LAND!! The Mongolds version of Heaven! :)

I should have knows something was wrong with Josh when he fell asleep in the most crowded place I had ever been!! :) Flat Stanley kept him company while he napped! :)

Building their own leggo guys!

To end our trip, Josh had a fever of 105.6 Urgent visit to the doctors and a HUGE BIG OLD UTI! Probably because of his previous surgery. He is resting today and truly is looking better already! Thank goodness for Antibiotics. Made kind of a rotten ending to a great trip, but again...the kids will remember it for what it was...a magical trip to Disney! :) And that is ALL that matters in the end!!
Happy belated Easter! More to come!!