Saturday, April 24, 2010

A big couple of days...

Where's daddy Josh?? And he pointed right towards the direction that the sub always comes in!! Good memory...he was so excited this time - REALLY excited!! :) When we were leaving the baseball field last last night Josh said, "I want to ride with daddy!!" And I said, "Sure buddy...go ahead." And he looked at me with this huge smile....made his hand to a fist and pulled his whole arm back...yelling "YES"! Boy that little man it growing up fast! And it is such a wonderful welcome home to STeve that Josh didn't miss a beat this time. He is right back in daddy's lap!

I't almost can see it in the distance in the background! The boys are so anxious!
An amazing view of the Sub (middle) and the other boats that are escorting them home. Security boats. Helicopters were over head and dolphins were swimming in the wake! A pretty fantastic site to all the families on the beach!

When the sub gets close enough to see us all on the beach - they blow a huge horn. Everyone is cheering and every child "knows" that it is their daddy...beeping the horn...for THEM! :) Always makes me almost cry to hear it and to know how that one sound fills the hearts of so many little ones who have missed their daddy's!!

Daddy got stuck on the boat, as I told you in the last blog, but was able to make the game on Friday night - the whole game! And Ben was a rock star!! Proud moment for both of them!!! :)
Oh...and Will is our up and coming baseball star...he loves it. But we have some work to do!! :)

Possibly baseball..or maybe just put on this earth to be cute!!...we will see! For now...I'll take this sweet face!!

And we close out our two day streak of WAY TOO MUCH TO DO with a soccer game at 8am this morning...after not leaving the baseball field till 9:45 last night. But the boys were still engaged! And they won their game! Kyle scored all but one of the goals and Will ALMOST scored...but played with heart the whole game!! And for those of you that know Will...well....this is quite a change and a welcome advancement in his ever growing self!! :) We are so proud of him and happy that he is seeing himself as a big boy now and really trying in all that he does! :) We love our Willamina!!

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