Friday, April 23, 2010

Daddy's home!!!

Daddy came home last night!! I think my husband came with him, but the kids have been hiding him from me? Hmmmm.....

Everyone is very happy and it was a super way to spend my birthday! The whole Mongold family is together again, and we will be staying that way for a decent chunk of time!! Yeah!

I have no great sub photos this time around. We got to the beach to see the sub come by... just in the nick of time! I never even had time to get my camera out!

And after hours of waiting for Steve at the base to welcome him home....he never came? They needed him on the boat for whatever reason, and when a boat pulls in, they don't really have phone service right there was no way for him to communicate that to us.

Around 4:30, (started waiting at 9:30am) we finally decided that we would just go home. Ben had a baseball game at 6 and we had an hour drive home. So we went...boys sad...Josh tired.... While "I" knew that we would see him soon and I tried to covey that to the boys..."they" just knew what was in front of them. We waited...and no daddy! I truly felt bad for them. They didn't even talk on the whole ride home.

So we got home and changed our clothes and packed up for Baseball. A nice distraction from the realities that were upon us. And it worked. Kyle, Will and Josh found their friends....started playing and bugging the concession stand people for GUM every 10 min....and Ben put his game face on and left his sorrows behind!!

Game was a bit over half over and guess who showed up at the field!! DADDY!! Yeah....not the reunion we had planned...but a good one none the less!! :) And I don't think anyone was quite as excited as Ben. His daddy was here...he was doing his favorite thing in the world - baseball....and now he could show his daddy his "stuff"!

And the story goes on.....Last Bat....Game is tied...Ben is up to bat. There are two outs. Now let me digress....Ben has hit a home run for the last two games and almost NEVER strikes out. So we are SURE that this is our game winning batter. One home run...and we win by one point. And Steve gets to see this baseball miracle!! Right....??? hmmmmmmm

So we are all quiet...Ben is standing at the plate...he looks over at his can tell he is just full of everything....excitement, anxiety, hope.....

Swing and a miss...swing and a miss..foul. more more try!! .......Swing and a......MISS.

Darn it.

Poor guy struck out, game ended in a tie...and he didn't get to show daddy his stuff. Talk about disappointment. I truly had to hold myself back from crying for him! :)

Of course we all cheered for him and daddy ran and picked him up. But the defeat was written all over his face. He didn't cry...and he didn't get mad. He just looked defeated!

So daddy took the kids to Taco Bell while I got Josh in Bed and I think that helped to ease the pain!! ha ha ha Another game this I am sure he will be able to show off there...or at least I hope! I swear...we all need to cross our fingers and toes for him!! :) Not because I care if he is good or bad at this silly sport...just because I know he wants to make his daddy proud! The daddy that is ALWAYS proud...but boys will be boys...and I am hoping for the best for my baby!! :) end...I got the official CD of our family photo session a few months ago and there were some additional photos included that I had not seen. Maybe not frame worthy...or at least some of them...but fun to see and I thought friends and family would like to share them with us! :)

Have an awesome week! :)


Ellen said...

Happy birthday! And, hooray!! So glad to hear that everyone is together again. Good luck to Ben and best wishes on your upcoming move!!

Heather Thompson said...

What a wonderful birthday present!!! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that you get to see your husband when the kids decide to share;)!
(Cute pictures!)
PS- I'll be praying for Ben tonight at his game! I can only imagine what it would mean to show his daddy his "stuff"!

shunter1019 said...