Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Not sure why i have not been blogging lately? I mean...I never have enough time..but I always seem to force the time in there? I suppose the kids are growing and we are not home as much during the days!! Who knows....but here's what we have been doing!! :) Nothing all that exciting. Waiting for daddy to come home and anticipating our move. School, sports, classes, friends....the usual!! :) Each day is full and fun and while I go from being ready to cry one minute because I can't find the keys to the jumping like a 40 year old cheerleader at a soccer game.....we are healthy and happy and enjoying the ups and downs of life! :)

Will wants to do nothing but build these days. Blocks...leggos....his attention span for this kind of thing is remarkable - considering he can't sit at the kitchen table for dinner more than 3 min without imploding!! :) But he is having fun and just truly becoming a 5 year old!! I'll miss that crazy 4 year old Will is some ways...but mostly....this is a welcome advancement in the life of my third child. I'll take it!! :)

Pine wood derby with Ben's best buddies. I think Ben came in next to he didn't care as long as he could be with his friends!

Camp Mongold passes the time. Kids are having hours of fun playing CAMP. But we sleep inside. Too many gators and what not in those ponds and woods!! :) This is day time fun only!

Tire swing broke? And yep...someone was on it. And darn was not even my kids. I felt terrible. But she is ok and still allowed to come over...and for now...this is what we do with what is left! Not getting fixed till Daddy gets home...and at that...I draw the line !:)

I know this is Josh's second Easter with us...but last Easter was a bit rough all around...this time..HE GETS IT!! :) loving that Easter bunny!! :) CANDY! His favorite thing to have! :)

A few days before Easter Ben was hit in the eye with a large garden shovel. So much blood? Aghhh....All I can say is...for a few moment...till I got the blood cleared...I was not sure that it wasn't his eye ball that was hit. THANK GOD it was under the eye. It is healing well...will probably leave a scar that will keep him looking tough for all of time!

Easter Day we headed to a Disney resort for a few days. Just me and the kids! It was fun - crazy - horrible and then fun again! !:) ha ha ha...but the kids remember it fondly and they want to go back next weekend!! (NOT ME!!)

Air brush many as you the pool all day! The artist became our BEST FRIEND! :)

Three pools, a water slide, rock to jump off of, water falls, lagoons and hot tubs galore.....made for fun days in Orlando! :)

And if swimming all day was not enough...we would hit the pool each night before Ben. Too chilly with the evening wind for me and we blew bubbles! :)

We were able to spend a whole day with the Zayac's!! So fun! :) Their resort had even more pools, water slides, lazy rivers. etc. etc. The fun never stopped. And we all got fried in the sun....and not many good pics because we were always wet? Not a good place for a camera!

Ahhhhhh....LEGO LAND!! The Mongolds version of Heaven! :)

I should have knows something was wrong with Josh when he fell asleep in the most crowded place I had ever been!! :) Flat Stanley kept him company while he napped! :)

Building their own leggo guys!

To end our trip, Josh had a fever of 105.6 Urgent visit to the doctors and a HUGE BIG OLD UTI! Probably because of his previous surgery. He is resting today and truly is looking better already! Thank goodness for Antibiotics. Made kind of a rotten ending to a great trip, but again...the kids will remember it for what it was...a magical trip to Disney! :) And that is ALL that matters in the end!!
Happy belated Easter! More to come!!


shunter1019 said...

AH, so happy you are blogging again. I felt so bad when I talked to u last night about Josh!!! Poor lil man! Is that our Flat Stanley!?!? I can't believe you brought him all over with you...if it is ours, you truly are the best auntie ever! :) Who would remember flat stanley when you are carting around 4 kids in disney husbandless...LOL..YOU! Love you!

Eric said...

Perhaps the Smiths are secretly following the Mongolds around the country. We will be spending a week at Disney at the end of May, and then visiting Norfolk in November. You'd think we wanted to be just like you (well, except for the shovel to the eye and the fever)! I swear it's not as "stalker-ish" as it seems although Leah does ask to see Josh's pictures on Facebook whenever Angela is on the site. Hmm...

Football & Fried Rice said...

Man, Ben really has a great "warrior wound" - WOO! Looks like Disney was a GREAT time ( you are SOOO brave, aren't you?!) I knew I admired you for many reasons! And poor Joshy - glad to hear he was feeling better quickly....

I had similar thoughts about Easter last year - in fact, couldn't even find that I took any pictures last year ;) Must have had a great time!

Have missed hearing from you! Hope to see you after you move :)

Erica said...

I miss you so much! That one day was so fun but what a tease. Thank God you medicating Joshie! Love to all of you...NOW COME BACK HERE NOW!