Friday, May 21, 2010


Ok...I'll be brief, because I have my work cut out for me today....

I will take the kids to school and go visit Grandma. Let her know some of the larger items that we have coming to her and get her ready to organize and purge some of the less than desirable items that she has.

Steve and I have given my neighbors truck today and we are picking up some great items. A table and chairs, washing machine, toy box, box fans, dishes, silverware, end tables, coffee tables....

And in my garage I have sheets, towels, clothes, toys, awesome rugs, decor, food etc. etc.

I have a TV stand promised and a very nice couch. I have had people bring things, call me...and even drive down here from Kings Bay GA to drop stuff off. AMAZING!! :)

At this point, I have so much promised and I will update my list tonight on the blog once I have done the gathering today!! :) If I get everything that I think I am getting....we may even have it all! :) At what point, I will take future donations in the form of dry and canned goods, laundry detergent and help with the children!! :)

More to come...there are no words to thank you all enough for this amazing support of this very deserving and awesome family! This is better than a TV show! I am just in awe of the human heart! Thank you to everyone who has supported this cause and I'll be back with more soon!! :)


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reillymb said...

renee, you are just one amazing women! you have a huge heart of gold and i'm so proud to call you my friend :) you go girl!!

luv ya