Thursday, May 20, 2010


A Family in need of our help!
(please read below for full story)
The deadline is JUNE 4th. Please drop off any items that you may have to:

2605 Portside Drive, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034 (if I am not home…items can be left on the front porch. I won’t be gone long I am sure!)

Or call 556-6577 for pick up options. I’ll get anything you have to donate and make sure it gets to the family.

· Clothes washer (Washing Machine)
· Kitchen Table and Chairs
· Two double beds or bunk beds and possibly a dresser for clothes in the boys room.
· Double Bed and dresser set (does not need to match)
· Storage Bins that fit under beds
· Toy box
· Box Fans – at least three
· Bath Towels
· Twin and Full sheets/blankets/comforter
· Dish Towels
· Silverware
· Kitchen plates and glasses
· TV Stand for large TV that was donated
· Couch for living room
· Coffee Table – small
· Area Rug
· Play date for boys each week
· Once day a week tutor for kids (reading, games etc.)

One day they had a mother….and the next day she was gone. Two little men, so beautiful, so full of life. Just 5 years old and 2 years old. The children were placed in the care of their Grandmother about a year or so ago. The catch….she was homeless. The good news…she had a big heart and an even bigger lover for her grandchildren.

After months of living together in a homeless shelter here on the island – this new family has a home. Very close to Southside Elementary School where the older boy is in Kindergarten. It is small, and it is empty. But it is a home!! At long last!

They sleep on old twin mattresses that lay on the floor. No bed coverings of any kind. They have nothing to help make this transition into a life together easy. But despite the hardships, this grandmother has taken these children and is determined to give them a full life! She is truly a beautiful woman.

This being said, this is a woman who had been on her own and without a home for quite some time. She was once living on the streets with no one to be accountable for but her and now she has a home, with two babies that need her every strength….her every moment.
She needs help. Our help. Help for her help for these beautiful children. So that they may have a life that is comfortable, safe, and STABLE.

Currently: The 2 year old boy is currently being helped by the wonderful teachers at Southside to gain entrance into Florida’s bright start program. This will assure that a trained professional comes to the house to teach him until the age of three (November of this year) and then he can begin taking classes at Southside!. And the older child is receiving the necessary help at school due to the work of these amazing teachers as well!

But they need so much: I asked Grandma to please tell me EVERYTHING that she would want to help her in her day to day life with the boys. I told her to hold back nothing. I assured her that I would take this information and do my absolute best to find her the things that she needs. She was hesitant, as she didn’t want to seem greedy she said. But I assured her that this community knows the sacrifices that she is making and that people will WANT to help. And so she agreed to walk me around and create the list that follows.

When I left her house today, she was grateful, she hugged me and she hugged Ben and Kyle. She walked us to the car and said, “Don’t worry if you can’t get any of that stuff. We are just happy we know you.”

I’ll tell ya – this is just tearing at my heart. I want to help her…I need to help her. I need to push their lives to a level that they can live each day without being hungry, cold or scared. I want those kids to come home from school to cookies at the kitchen table and then play time in their rooms. …Family evenings in the living room together with their Grandma. Please help me to give this to them. Help me to teach this wonderful Grandmother what it is to have a home….and what it is to make a life for these children.

This is what we are looking for. Please send this list to anyone and everyone that you know. I have TWO WEEKS. Two weeks before I move from here and it is my mission to find each and every thing on this list!

Please help us in ANY way that you can. We are not looking for money…..just stuff and help with educating the children and giving Grandma an hour or so a week to herself. And if you have nothing to offer in these areas, then I just ask that you pass on my request. If this message gets into enough hands….it will get into the right hands!!

Thank you!

Renee Mongold


Football & Fried Rice said...

I am not surprised, Renee, that you are heading something like this up. You have such a precious, giving heart. Here you are packing, on your way out of town and your heart is so burdened to help this family out.

I love your heart, Renee - that you are not so calloused by this world that this does not devastate you. I love that your sons get to see you, as an example, of what Christ on this earth would look like.

Don't forget to remind Grandma how very much she is loved by the One that created her. And that even though times are tough - she WILL get through this!


Mandie said...

Wow Renee, Jesus is shining through you. You are his hands and feet here on earth. You are one amazing woman/mother. What an impact you will be leaving on Amelia Island.