Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here's what I am missing....

I have been asked by Grandma to please extend her gratitude to all of the people supporting her and her babies this past week! She is in awe of the support she is getting and truly - I don't know if I personally have ever experienced such true thanks!

So many awesome donations - food, needed items, gift cards...AMAZING! And it is all being managed and set up in the right places to assure the best possible outcome for this family. We are cleaning closets, organizing, throwing away the junk.....making this little place a real home for my friends! I am not only grateful for the donations and the support, but also in the openness of this family to let my husband and I come in and just take over - for hours on end! They prove to me on a daily basis how much they WANT our help. And the want is just as important as the need in my book! This means that she will take these gifts and move forward with a grateful heart and with the tools to keep their lives going in the right direction. It's been a good week!!

With that said....I wanted to update you also on the list of items that we are still in need of. And i'll tell ya...this list is getting shorter and shorter! Whoo hooo!! :) Oh...and there are some new items on this list. We are finding new needs and different needs as we work thorough this project.

Full Bed or bed frame.
Full Mattress and box spring
2 Dressers
Any type of storage containers for closets or under bed storage.
Shampoo and soap
two porch chairs
Children's board books
TV stands (2)
plastic shelving for under counter (can be metal)

And that's about it!! :) Whoo hoo.

I have had three people volunteer to keep working with this family after my time here is over. One has offered to tutor...another to take the kids on play dates and a volunteer at St. Michael's Parish has agreed to be in charge if ongoing needs and weekly visits!! Man...what a week!! :)

Love to you all.


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Dianne said...

Renee, just catching up on the blog. Wow, so much happening, and so much giving. I can only imagine the outpouring of goodwill and caring. What a gift every has received! Count us in for $50 for anything that's missing. We'll pay you when you get here. Promise! Love to all.