Monday, May 24, 2010

A very crazy but rewarding day!

This has been the most crazy day. I woke up this morning wanting to provide a washing machine to my friends. Sad that the one that was donated could not be fixed....determined...but uncertain that it would be possible. That's what I woke up thinking about? Anyway...needless to was an early morning. But it lead to an awesome day!

And I end my day....I have this to report: Not only is Grandma doing laundry as I type this evening, but the kids are sleeping in bunk beds with almost new mattresses...they ate dinner together at the family kitchen table. They are watching a TV that no longer sits on the floor and are taking a shower that has an actual curtain to keep the water in? I mean....the list goes on and on.

It was a hard day of cleaning. Grandma, one of her daughters and I worked our tails off. But at no point was I working alone. They worked with me ALL DAY LONG. Going through hundreds of bags of stuff...some great things...other nothing but trash? It was long and frustrating.

Around lunch time, I was hungry and tired and nowhere near the end of the rainbow. A friend stopped by with some MUCH needed storage bins to help house some of the stuff that we were receiving. (by the way K...used EVERY ONE!!) And poor K.....She no sooner gets to the top of the steps on the porch that I start crying!! ha ha ha. Ahhh...i was frustrated...wanting more time....scared that I could not get everything that they needed...whatever....just a moment where I needed a hug. And there she storage bin and laundry detergent fairy!! :) ha haha

And after that little moment of "no so great-ness" I just dug in and kept on going. Steve joined me after lunch. And we got it done. I mean...DONE!! :) While the cleaning and organizing efforts will linger on for another few days...when I left today THEY NEEDED only three more items on our list. And no joke....before I sat down to dinner I had people call and say that they had them. I have two dressers coming another fan and two lamps? What/? I mean....there is a greater power at work here my friends because this has just been amazing! :)

And my last bit of news is this: I go to pick up my kids at Step by Step today. They are going to school just a few days this week so that I can keep up the organization of donations for my friends. Well...the staff knew why the kids were going to school this week and several of the teachers there donated some much needed items. But what I didn't know is that some staff got together and talked to the director of the school and...


Was that not the most generous offer?!! I cried...I was amazed!!

So brain storm with me if you will...and Grandma is also working on this. how do we get the kids to school each morning. If they accept this scholarship - how do we help this family to make it work? Grandma does not drive? Is there a way? Let me know if you have any thoughts! !:)

Ok...that's all for now! :) Thank you and my love to all of you!! :)


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