Monday, June 7, 2010

I was thinking as I said goodbye...

Today I was thinking. As I have been saying goodbye to dear friends and awesome people these last few days i have realized how that "last" moment that you have to talk to say goodbye is hard. These friends have meant so much to me, helped me, been my lifeline when I had no husband around to talk to or count on. And there I am...with this one moment to say thank you - and I find that there are no words big enough, or strong enough to make these people know TRULY how my heart has been filled to have had them in my life!

I can only take comfort in the fact that the people who love me...I have loved back. Each and every day - with all that I am! We have worked together in friendship to take care of kids, houses, solve the worlds problems, and comfort each other during the hard times. I only hope that I have given enough to these dear people so that they remember me as I will remember then - as angels.

And with that said, this has been a huge reminder to me. Never take a day with a friend or loved one for granted. Love with all of your heart. Give as much as you can give. And do this with and for EVERYONE that fills year heart. One day you may not be able to be with these angels on a day to day basis and the love that you put in their hearts will allow you to always be with them! Just as the love that they put in yours will fill you for a lifetime! :)

Finding True friends is the worlds greatest gift!

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive. ~Anäis Nin
Such happy times we have had here on Amelia Island!! We are better people for having lived this life - this is not goodbye, but thank you for all that you are and we will see you soon!!