Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just a bad day...that I will laugh about one day!

A good day...and a not so good day...back to back. I suppose it all evens out right? Kind of wish the bad day was first...but then again...maybe tomorrow will be a great day and we will end up on the up side of life? Here's to hoping!!

So Saturday. Football Practice for Kyle...he love it! Told me football is the best game EVER and he is so glad I made him play!! :) Soccer was just not seeming to fit for KYle...he liked it...but just not a personality fit. So I insisted that he at least give football a try for a few weeks to see how it went! Good choice. Right up his alley. Blocking and running after people to steal flags? I mean....that is sooo KYLE!

Then we hit Baseball Practice for Ben...loves it SO MUCH! Ben's new coach is very skilled and he is in a training league this season to get ready for Spring Ball. I swear he got better in just one day! His confidence was up after just two hours with this team of awesome men! And what is more...he can't WAIT to go back on Monday!

THen..... we had an awesome birthday party with our dear friends in VA beach! We mined for rocks and stones and fossils...ate great food and played with people we love!

After the party we belined back to Chesapeake for one last practice of the day. Will's first t-ball day! Now Will has wanted to play baseball for years. He did soccer because you could be younger and still play on Amelia Island. And now he is 5....and on his first t-ball team. The Nationals. He played so hard...listened to everythign he was told. When he was told to run the bases and make sure to touch each base...he truly stopped on every base....bent down...touched the base...realized there was dirt on the he wiped it all off...and then ran like heck to the next every one on the way home! :) And he can't wait to go back! :)

WE ended the night with a swim in the ugly blue pool and the kids fell asleep in about 10 seconds!

So we are feeling large and in charge...we are fitting in...sports are clicking...teachers assignments came out and we have heard SUPER things about all the kids teachers....feeling good!!

One last event for the weekend - the cubscout kick ball tournament and ice-creme social! Easy...we made it through three practices - two that were new and one that was a second time. I got everyone where they needed to be and had happy we more NEW event this week!

We get to the field where the even was taking place....And yeah....not so great. WE don't know anyone. And let's start by saying..that if the kids feel shy around new people...there is NO getting them off your legg. Even the older two. But that aside..>I kind of had a hunch this might happen. Tons of boys....all that know each other ....and Ben and Kyle sat without playing kickball the entire time. Some kids came over and asked them to play...but nothing. NOw the other side of this is that STeve has signed up to be a tiger cub leader...and the leaders kids were non participators? But well..that will pass...and in will all feel normal. Having just done this in Florida...I have faith in the near future.

But the real story is THIS!! I take Will and JOsh over to have some ice-creme with the boys and to support Steve and ourt resident scouts. It is 95 degrees and there is really no shade. It is 6pm and so JOsh and Will are tired and hot and feeling out of their element? At some point I realize that for me....not really needing to be there...listening to Josh and Will fight and whine is NOT getting any of us anywhere I'll leave! The Den leader is talking to the parents in a circle and I am trying to listen to the man in charge...but Will is somehow LOUDER than him. So I say..."Will..just walk over to the car (I can see it) and wait for me there...I'm going to get a popcorn sales form and then I'll be right over. And so he walks away.

AT this time I also see a lady walking into the parking lot toward her car (or at least I think) and I notice her, but nothing more than that...I turn my head to the lady with the forms and start moving across the crowd toward her to get my form and head out. Josh is in tow - just behind me.

As I begin speaking to the lady with the forms...I see this woman that had gone toward the parking lot...running back to the crowd in a panic....and she screams, "Who is in charge of the boy in the green shirt???" Of course the meeting comes to an utter halt and I say (with all eyes on me) - he's mine?

Well she begins to scream, "He is in the car with the door shut....and it is hot can't leave your kid in a hot car!!!". Now her voice is pissed and like I am a child abuser or something. But of course there are 20 to 30 people staring at me...and the whole crowd is silent. So I say, "I know he is there...we are walking over there to go home...I just need a popcorn sign up sheet?"

And she continues, "Well I tried to grab him out of the car and he is screaming help me and hiding in the back need to get over here!" And so....because I can't think of anything else to say...I take the form that the lady is handing out to me and just walk toward the parking lot...passed this lady.....and to our car.

When I get to the car, Will is - exactly like she said - crouched in a ball in the hatch part of the van - screaming help me!'s a mommy....she is taking me...mommy help!!!

So I open the hatch and calm him down and ask him what is going on. He tells me that a lady tried to grab his arm and take him from the car..but she was a stranger so he shut the door. Then he said the lady opened the door and told him to get out and he got as far away from her as he could and yelled help because that is what they told him to do in school! (and we are so close to the meeting in the car, that there is no doubt that EVERYONE is hearing WIll's version of the story!

OH my did this all go down in a matter of 5 min as I waited for that form? I got him in his seat and we just drove off. Never looked back to see if anyone was still staring at us. Steve was still there and no one ever mentioned a thing to him. Not sure they even knew we were "HIS"...and for his sake as a leader...I hope not!! :)

Poor will. This lady had no right? He truly felt he was being taken. Made me cry to hear his story. and anyone in scouts is going to cook their children in a car? Anyway....looking forward to the next meeting? Whoo hooo...MOngolds are making a reputation right from the start...keep you posted! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The new/old upstairs.

No more flowers in the guest bath!! It is now a surfing haven for 4 little boys!

Josh and Will and their crazy room! Everything is where they chose. Little by little I may add a bit of me to it...but for now...they are happy together!! :)

The office!

The mommy and daddy room!

Ben and Kyle's MAN DEN!! They LOVE their new room. I remember the days of cowboys and Thomas the train? And is about sports photos, baseball hats and the x-box! I did fit a desk in there for homework and they have an extra bed for sleep overs! But this is their domain! Adults enter at your own risk! :)

Mommy and daddy room - other side!

It's all starting to feel like home. Every day we all get a bit stronger and bit more comfortable in our surroundings. Kyle would still go back to Florida this moment if I could take him. His friends Logan and Regan are talked about every day. Ben has moments that go both ways. Ben had the benefit of being 5 when we left and remembering things a bit better. That makes adjustment easier for him in many ways! With that said...starting school without Emily, Jacob and Andrew is a huge dread for him! Will just wants to be crazy and can do that everywhere...but talks of his friend jo jo and his neighborhood friends so often. He is uninterested in school if Miss Nicole can't be his teacher!
And Josh..well...he finally has taken ownership of his new surroundings and is sleeping through the night solid each night! :) He seems at home...smiles come much easier and panic is at a minimum! I am thankful for that! I suppose this move was a good thing for him. It sure puts a "home" in perspective. A home is where your family is and the building you have that in is not what matters! A great lesson for a boy who had the start to life that Josh had! :)
So the long and short of it is. We are "home" now - with each other...and working to create our new life together - one day at a time !:)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Green Beans....

This is Josh in timeout? As sweet as this boy is...there seems to be one significant misunderstanding between he and I.... The truth matters....and telling it is necessary? matter what you have done, eaten, spilled, or forgotten! Probably not so different from any other three and a half year old...but none the less, it is our battle of the times!

With that said, let me back up to last April when the lying started. Josh comes down the stairs, with candy dripping from the sides of his mouth. His breath smells of sugar and there are colored dots all over his shirt. We had just participated in several egg hunts and Easter parties, and I know that Ben has his candy hidden in his room. And this is the room that Josh was coming from when I see this smelly, candyridden mess.
So I ask, "Josh...are you eating candy without asking mommy first?" And he just stands there staring at me. Looking somber and scared. I decide to give him the chance to tell the truth, so I ask him in another way. "Josh, are you eating candy?" And he looks me dead in the eye and says, "I am eating green beans!" Well....knowing our inability to tell the truth, and the smart mind that Josh is lucky enough to have...I try not to laugh (first)....then I tell him that it is not OK to lie to mommy - that I think green beans are very healthy, but that is not what he is eating and he needs to go to his room for not telling the truth. He cried...stomped down the hall...and did his time on his bed. forward to yesterday. My neighbor and friend is over to chat. Her kids are all playing with my kids. We are having mommy time, and Josh comes in and asks, "Mommy...I'm hungry...can I have some green beans?" I kind of giggle...because I know we have no green beans any where that he could easily access them and say, "Sure buddy...can you get them yourself?" And he tells me that he can and scurries off.
My friend is looking at me like, "really...he going to go find green beans..and then eat them..on his own?" So I admit that I am not sure that he is really going to get green beans, but it is worth following him to see what he decides to eat.
I head into the living room and Josh is sitting on the floor at the coffee table with a box of Jelly Belly's from our candy basket. I ask, "Josh...what are you eating?" And he says, "Green beans mommy...I love them!"
"Josh honey...those are jelly beans?".....Josh: "Oh yeah...jelly beans...I love Jelly beans!"
Can I take back my time out of 6 months ago...darn it...he was telling the truth. He was eating "green beans" From Ben's Easter candy basket? I feel bad!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some new additions to the Mongolds Family

These first few pics are just cute. Will likes to fall asleep around 4pm. We try to keep him he now goes and hides. By the time we find him...he is already asleep? So around 4pm....everyone is constantly saying, "Hey...where's Will?" It's like the Mongold version of "Where's Waldo!" Come on little man...Kindergarten does not allow for naps..and we only have 2 weeks to get ready!! :)

Josh...sweet as ever!

Ok...this is JJ. Just JJ. Named and picked out by Kyle. KYle loves him because he says he is "Always smiling". This 5 month old kitty was not adopted as a small kitten and his time was up in the animal control containment center in Chesapeake. We went looking at tiny kittens, but truly...this guy is all love. Not much kitten spunk in him anymore. Sometimes he is crazy, but most often he lumps out on the kids beds and purrs for hours. He is as in love with us as we are with him!

Will gave JJ this beanie baby and JJ carries it everywhere with him. So cute. It is a boy no maternal instincts..but I think it reminds him of his brothers and sisters that were adopted before him!

And Will...Kyle is the biggest fan of all. And JJ is a HUGE fan of Kyle!

Because Josh is such a gentle kid, the kitty spends much time in his company! Smart Cat...stay away from Will little man...stay far far away!! :)

And well..if a dog, cat and hamster are not enough with 4 kids and a huge husband....our mamma dove gave birth this week. WE thought maybe her eggs were no good because no other doves have any eggs left? But we watched her in and day the plant on our front porch. Feeling like one day we would have to just move her and let her get on with her life. But alas...she was the smart one. This week she hatched two eggs and both little birdies are doing well. And mamma still lets us look at her, water the plant and take pictures without getting mad. She knows how much we like our animals around her.

And Cali....well....she actually does not HATE the cat? I was so worried, and for no reason. The co-exist without any running, barking, hissing etc. The first day they kind of steered clear of each other. But will find them in the same room almost all the time? Cali is scared to death of her I think? And just stays close so she knows what that darn cat is up to. So wish I could read their minds! But for me...I am just glad it did not cause Chaos and more noise!! :)

Josh sleeping in the wii room. This was supposed to be up top...but I can't seem to move it!! ha ha ha...needing to remember how to blog!

And Fluffy....still alive...but stalked at every angle. JJ would have her for lunch if that cage door would open! But we are careful for now and I swear the hamster cage is like JJ's TV set. He just sits and watches it all day and all night! Glad we have a way to entertain our newest member! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our last few days...backwards???

After several days of rain....the kids and I got up and seriously...FLEW to the beach for some sun, sand and swimming!! Saw a marriage proposal in the beach - at least 50 dolphins...and lots of treasure!! It was a good day! :)

Nothing prettier than the willow in the late summer in VA! Time to go picking for my dry flower vases!! :) A little hair spray and they stay beautiful for years!

We headed to Portsmouth one of the rainy days - this is the every so troublesome...Portsmouth traffic today! :)

Sloshing around the beautiful buildings in down town Portsmouth! It was fun. Enough rain to make it an adventure...but no enough to make us soaked! :)

Lunch at the Beer Garden! So much fun :)

Josh eating Spatzel! YUM!

My how my boys have grown up! A year ago one would have tried new foods! And this day..only WILL ate CHICKEN FINGERS!! :)

So much history and charm in Downtown Portsmouth! And we only got to see about half of it! Back again the next time it rains! :)

During the reconstruction of the Children's Museum...they have a small science based temporary museum open down town. It was really fun and hands on. You can tour the art and history museum and the kids building for $5/person? Definitely worth checking out if you are bored. Trains, building, hands on projects, kids are projects - it was a nice easy day! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick update on the new/old house!

Now that we are in one place and feeling a bit more settled, I have made the commitment to myself that I will begin blogging again. I need it. It helps me remember the small things...the express my thoughts...get stuff out of my brain an on paper...and it helps create a memory book that will last a lifetime!!:) For now...let's start with an update on where we are in life...

7 weeks on the road....and then we moved in. Now here about 3.5 weeks and life is getting to be more normal. Still missing Amelia Island friends, but so happy to be back with our dear friends here Hampton Roads....feeling like we are fitting in a bit more each day! :) This has been a bit easier in some ways than I had prepared for. I am thankful for that! :) Here are some pics of the first floor of the house! I'll probably never take pics upstairs...not that it isn't nice up there...just know me...and this was a one time shot! :) More pics and stories to come from our month of being back in town.

In the words of my 7 year old neighbor...."WOW...LOVE THIS BATHROOM"! hee is bright and clean and I am so happy with it. For years, this was my least favorite room in the house...yet one of the most used. ONly bathroom on the first floor? ANd now...I don't mind using it or cleaning it. Steve did this room 100% on his own except for the floors....and he did an awesome job. Installed the toilet, sink, painted, lights, hardware...he did good work! :)

This is something only a china man can do well...but Josh's nose is quite flat...and he can truly lay a penny on it and walk around and it does not fall off. He loves to show off his unique skill!! :)

The living room has not changed too much, but I was worried about how crowded I would feel after our open layout in Florida. And is smaller...but not too's comfortable and the pictures that we have acquired in the last two years found nice places on the wall.

Same kitchen. Still love it. Not huge...but great usable space! :)

No more office. And my dining room furniture finally all fits in one room...and you can still walk around! :) The laptop finds its way to the table quite often and it is a great wrapping area and staging area for schools supplies! But truly...we have eaten in there with guests a few times already and it is nice to have the room! :) And longer dark is like the sun is always setting! Looks quite bright in this picture..but is a nice color! I am happy with it! :)

When we left for Florida we had much outside furniture, hammocks, just stuff outside...and since we had no need for it down there...we ended up getting rid of most of it. Just no room to store stuff in our Florida house. So little by little...the back yard is taking shape again. It will take me a bit to get it where I want reasons....but we are getting there and we are enjoying our outside time again already !:)

The big blue pool has been so much fun. It is ugly..and I have to get in a clean it...but other than that...we swim 10 times a day....the neighborhood kids swim with us....never dry moment in the pool! :) Next year..I'm building a small deck..with the help of my dear friend Kath! :)

The wii room is our work in progress. It is taken shape even more since this picture...but the point is the same...a room for just kids. Wii...leggo's...kid art....i do nothing but keep it clean. we have had rainy day movie's with the neighbors....wii sport competitions....marble runs....jenga tournaments and more! Some place for them to go in our not so big home! :) Glad we did this....helps mommy a ton! :)

The flint family came to visit! Our dear neighbors and friends from Amelia Island! The boys and girls had a wonderful time :) Wow do we miss them !:)