Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Green Beans....

This is Josh in timeout? As sweet as this boy is...there seems to be one significant misunderstanding between he and I.... The truth matters....and telling it is necessary? ...no matter what you have done, eaten, spilled, or forgotten! Probably not so different from any other three and a half year old...but none the less, it is our battle of the times!

With that said, let me back up to last April when the lying started. Josh comes down the stairs, with candy dripping from the sides of his mouth. His breath smells of sugar and there are colored dots all over his shirt. We had just participated in several egg hunts and Easter parties, and I know that Ben has his candy hidden in his room. And this is the room that Josh was coming from when I see this smelly, candyridden mess.
So I ask, "Josh...are you eating candy without asking mommy first?" And he just stands there staring at me. Looking somber and scared. I decide to give him the chance to tell the truth, so I ask him in another way. "Josh, are you eating candy?" And he looks me dead in the eye and says, "I am eating green beans!" Well....knowing our inability to tell the truth, and the smart mind that Josh is lucky enough to have...I try not to laugh (first)....then I tell him that it is not OK to lie to mommy - that I think green beans are very healthy, but that is not what he is eating and he needs to go to his room for not telling the truth. He cried...stomped down the hall...and did his time on his bed.
NOW...fast forward to yesterday. My neighbor and friend is over to chat. Her kids are all playing with my kids. We are having mommy time, and Josh comes in and asks, "Mommy...I'm hungry...can I have some green beans?" I kind of giggle...because I know we have no green beans any where that he could easily access them and say, "Sure buddy...can you get them yourself?" And he tells me that he can and scurries off.
My friend is looking at me like, "really...he going to go find green beans..and then eat them..on his own?" So I admit that I am not sure that he is really going to get green beans, but it is worth following him to see what he decides to eat.
I head into the living room and Josh is sitting on the floor at the coffee table with a box of Jelly Belly's from our candy basket. I ask, "Josh...what are you eating?" And he says, "Green beans mommy...I love them!"
"Josh honey...those are jelly beans?".....Josh: "Oh yeah...jelly beans...I love Jelly beans!"
Can I take back my time out of 6 months ago...darn it...he was telling the truth. He was eating "green beans" From Ben's Easter candy basket? I feel bad!! :)


Bill and Midge said...

Oh, I just loved this post! That is priceless! And Renee, if that is the worst mistake you ever make as a Mommy, you are in good shape.

Karen said...

oh my gracious...that is the most hilarious story! sweet Josh! Yes, maybe you should give him his time out back...like a time "in" where he can eat as many jelly beans as possible! Ha!

shunter1019 said...

OMG- that is just...well, awesome!