Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just a bad day...that I will laugh about one day!

A good day...and a not so good day...back to back. I suppose it all evens out right? Kind of wish the bad day was first...but then again...maybe tomorrow will be a great day and we will end up on the up side of life? Here's to hoping!!

So Saturday. Football Practice for Kyle...he love it! Told me football is the best game EVER and he is so glad I made him play!! :) Soccer was just not seeming to fit for KYle...he liked it...but just not a personality fit. So I insisted that he at least give football a try for a few weeks to see how it went! Good choice. Right up his alley. Blocking and running after people to steal flags? I mean....that is sooo KYLE!

Then we hit Baseball Practice for Ben...loves it SO MUCH! Ben's new coach is very skilled and he is in a training league this season to get ready for Spring Ball. I swear he got better in just one day! His confidence was up after just two hours with this team of awesome men! And what is more...he can't WAIT to go back on Monday!

THen..... we had an awesome birthday party with our dear friends in VA beach! We mined for rocks and stones and fossils...ate great food and played with people we love!

After the party we belined back to Chesapeake for one last practice of the day. Will's first t-ball day! Now Will has wanted to play baseball for years. He did soccer because you could be younger and still play on Amelia Island. And now he is 5....and on his first t-ball team. The Nationals. He played so hard...listened to everythign he was told. When he was told to run the bases and make sure to touch each base...he truly stopped on every base....bent down...touched the base...realized there was dirt on the he wiped it all off...and then ran like heck to the next every one on the way home! :) And he can't wait to go back! :)

WE ended the night with a swim in the ugly blue pool and the kids fell asleep in about 10 seconds!

So we are feeling large and in charge...we are fitting in...sports are clicking...teachers assignments came out and we have heard SUPER things about all the kids teachers....feeling good!!

One last event for the weekend - the cubscout kick ball tournament and ice-creme social! Easy...we made it through three practices - two that were new and one that was a second time. I got everyone where they needed to be and had happy we more NEW event this week!

We get to the field where the even was taking place....And yeah....not so great. WE don't know anyone. And let's start by saying..that if the kids feel shy around new people...there is NO getting them off your legg. Even the older two. But that aside..>I kind of had a hunch this might happen. Tons of boys....all that know each other ....and Ben and Kyle sat without playing kickball the entire time. Some kids came over and asked them to play...but nothing. NOw the other side of this is that STeve has signed up to be a tiger cub leader...and the leaders kids were non participators? But well..that will pass...and in will all feel normal. Having just done this in Florida...I have faith in the near future.

But the real story is THIS!! I take Will and JOsh over to have some ice-creme with the boys and to support Steve and ourt resident scouts. It is 95 degrees and there is really no shade. It is 6pm and so JOsh and Will are tired and hot and feeling out of their element? At some point I realize that for me....not really needing to be there...listening to Josh and Will fight and whine is NOT getting any of us anywhere I'll leave! The Den leader is talking to the parents in a circle and I am trying to listen to the man in charge...but Will is somehow LOUDER than him. So I say..."Will..just walk over to the car (I can see it) and wait for me there...I'm going to get a popcorn sales form and then I'll be right over. And so he walks away.

AT this time I also see a lady walking into the parking lot toward her car (or at least I think) and I notice her, but nothing more than that...I turn my head to the lady with the forms and start moving across the crowd toward her to get my form and head out. Josh is in tow - just behind me.

As I begin speaking to the lady with the forms...I see this woman that had gone toward the parking lot...running back to the crowd in a panic....and she screams, "Who is in charge of the boy in the green shirt???" Of course the meeting comes to an utter halt and I say (with all eyes on me) - he's mine?

Well she begins to scream, "He is in the car with the door shut....and it is hot can't leave your kid in a hot car!!!". Now her voice is pissed and like I am a child abuser or something. But of course there are 20 to 30 people staring at me...and the whole crowd is silent. So I say, "I know he is there...we are walking over there to go home...I just need a popcorn sign up sheet?"

And she continues, "Well I tried to grab him out of the car and he is screaming help me and hiding in the back need to get over here!" And so....because I can't think of anything else to say...I take the form that the lady is handing out to me and just walk toward the parking lot...passed this lady.....and to our car.

When I get to the car, Will is - exactly like she said - crouched in a ball in the hatch part of the van - screaming help me!'s a mommy....she is taking me...mommy help!!!

So I open the hatch and calm him down and ask him what is going on. He tells me that a lady tried to grab his arm and take him from the car..but she was a stranger so he shut the door. Then he said the lady opened the door and told him to get out and he got as far away from her as he could and yelled help because that is what they told him to do in school! (and we are so close to the meeting in the car, that there is no doubt that EVERYONE is hearing WIll's version of the story!

OH my did this all go down in a matter of 5 min as I waited for that form? I got him in his seat and we just drove off. Never looked back to see if anyone was still staring at us. Steve was still there and no one ever mentioned a thing to him. Not sure they even knew we were "HIS"...and for his sake as a leader...I hope not!! :)

Poor will. This lady had no right? He truly felt he was being taken. Made me cry to hear his story. and anyone in scouts is going to cook their children in a car? Anyway....looking forward to the next meeting? Whoo hooo...MOngolds are making a reputation right from the start...keep you posted! :)

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Football and Fried Rice said...

very, very scary.

and that woman was totally inappropriate. if your car was parked in an alley, i'd understand.