Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The new/old upstairs.

No more flowers in the guest bath!! It is now a surfing haven for 4 little boys!

Josh and Will and their crazy room! Everything is where they chose. Little by little I may add a bit of me to it...but for now...they are happy together!! :)

The office!

The mommy and daddy room!

Ben and Kyle's MAN DEN!! They LOVE their new room. I remember the days of cowboys and Thomas the train? And is about sports photos, baseball hats and the x-box! I did fit a desk in there for homework and they have an extra bed for sleep overs! But this is their domain! Adults enter at your own risk! :)

Mommy and daddy room - other side!

It's all starting to feel like home. Every day we all get a bit stronger and bit more comfortable in our surroundings. Kyle would still go back to Florida this moment if I could take him. His friends Logan and Regan are talked about every day. Ben has moments that go both ways. Ben had the benefit of being 5 when we left and remembering things a bit better. That makes adjustment easier for him in many ways! With that said...starting school without Emily, Jacob and Andrew is a huge dread for him! Will just wants to be crazy and can do that everywhere...but talks of his friend jo jo and his neighborhood friends so often. He is uninterested in school if Miss Nicole can't be his teacher!
And Josh..well...he finally has taken ownership of his new surroundings and is sleeping through the night solid each night! :) He seems at home...smiles come much easier and panic is at a minimum! I am thankful for that! I suppose this move was a good thing for him. It sure puts a "home" in perspective. A home is where your family is and the building you have that in is not what matters! A great lesson for a boy who had the start to life that Josh had! :)
So the long and short of it is. We are "home" now - with each other...and working to create our new life together - one day at a time !:)

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shunter1019 said...

I love the looks awesome! You are SOOOOOOO good at this....