Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our last few days...backwards???

After several days of rain....the kids and I got up and seriously...FLEW to the beach for some sun, sand and swimming!! Saw a marriage proposal in the beach - at least 50 dolphins...and lots of treasure!! It was a good day! :)

Nothing prettier than the willow in the late summer in VA! Time to go picking for my dry flower vases!! :) A little hair spray and they stay beautiful for years!

We headed to Portsmouth one of the rainy days - this is the every so troublesome...Portsmouth traffic today! :)

Sloshing around the beautiful buildings in down town Portsmouth! It was fun. Enough rain to make it an adventure...but no enough to make us soaked! :)

Lunch at the Beer Garden! So much fun :)

Josh eating Spatzel! YUM!

My how my boys have grown up! A year ago one would have tried new foods! And this day..only WILL ate CHICKEN FINGERS!! :)

So much history and charm in Downtown Portsmouth! And we only got to see about half of it! Back again the next time it rains! :)

During the reconstruction of the Children's Museum...they have a small science based temporary museum open down town. It was really fun and hands on. You can tour the art and history museum and the kids building for $5/person? Definitely worth checking out if you are bored. Trains, building, hands on projects, kids are projects - it was a nice easy day! :)

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Football and Fried Rice said...

We call your "willow" - cat tails?? They grow in swampy, wet areas? I remember my Mom keeping them in vases too - I kept wondering Why? They are weeds ;)

Looks like a fun trip - the beach is always a welcome site!!