Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick update on the new/old house!

Now that we are in one place and feeling a bit more settled, I have made the commitment to myself that I will begin blogging again. I need it. It helps me remember the small things...the express my thoughts...get stuff out of my brain an on paper...and it helps create a memory book that will last a lifetime!!:) For now...let's start with an update on where we are in life...

7 weeks on the road....and then we moved in. Now here about 3.5 weeks and life is getting to be more normal. Still missing Amelia Island friends, but so happy to be back with our dear friends here Hampton Roads....feeling like we are fitting in a bit more each day! :) This has been a bit easier in some ways than I had prepared for. I am thankful for that! :) Here are some pics of the first floor of the house! I'll probably never take pics upstairs...not that it isn't nice up there...just know me...and this was a one time shot! :) More pics and stories to come from our month of being back in town.

In the words of my 7 year old neighbor...."WOW...LOVE THIS BATHROOM"! hee hee...it is bright and clean and I am so happy with it. For years, this was my least favorite room in the house...yet one of the most used. ONly bathroom on the first floor? ANd now...I don't mind using it or cleaning it. Steve did this room 100% on his own except for the floors....and he did an awesome job. Installed the toilet, sink, painted, lights, hardware...he did good work! :)

This is something only a china man can do well...but Josh's nose is quite flat...and he can truly lay a penny on it and walk around and it does not fall off. He loves to show off his unique skill!! :)

The living room has not changed too much, but I was worried about how crowded I would feel after our open layout in Florida. And well...it is smaller...but not too small...it's comfortable and the pictures that we have acquired in the last two years found nice places on the wall.

Same kitchen. Still love it. Not huge...but great usable space! :)

No more office. And my dining room furniture finally all fits in one room...and you can still walk around! :) The laptop finds its way to the table quite often and it is a great wrapping area and staging area for schools supplies! But truly...we have eaten in there with guests a few times already and it is nice to have the room! :) And yes...no longer dark brown...it is like the sun is always setting! Looks quite bright in this picture..but truly..it is a nice color! I am happy with it! :)

When we left for Florida we had much outside furniture, hammocks, just stuff outside...and since we had no need for it down there...we ended up getting rid of most of it. Just no room to store stuff in our Florida house. So little by little...the back yard is taking shape again. It will take me a bit to get it where I want it....cash reasons....but we are getting there and we are enjoying our outside time again already !:)

The big blue pool has been so much fun. It is ugly..and I have to get in a clean it...but other than that...we swim 10 times a day....the neighborhood kids swim with us....never dry moment in the pool! :) Next year..I'm building a small deck..with the help of my dear friend Kath! :)

The wii room is our work in progress. It is taken shape even more since this picture...but the point is the same...a room for just kids. Wii...leggo's...kid art....i do nothing but keep it clean. we have had rainy day movie's with the neighbors....wii sport competitions....marble runs....jenga tournaments and more! Some place for them to go in our not so big home! :) Glad we did this....helps mommy a ton! :)

The flint family came to visit! Our dear neighbors and friends from Amelia Island! The boys and girls had a wonderful time :) Wow do we miss them !:)

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Football and Fried Rice said...

I LOVE your house!! I can't believe you got a pool!?!??! I guess with four boys and the heat, what do you do!?!?!

And you've already hung stuff? I am impressed. We have been here a year - no family pictures out, no paint :)