Monday, August 23, 2010

Some new additions to the Mongolds Family

These first few pics are just cute. Will likes to fall asleep around 4pm. We try to keep him he now goes and hides. By the time we find him...he is already asleep? So around 4pm....everyone is constantly saying, "Hey...where's Will?" It's like the Mongold version of "Where's Waldo!" Come on little man...Kindergarten does not allow for naps..and we only have 2 weeks to get ready!! :)

Josh...sweet as ever!

Ok...this is JJ. Just JJ. Named and picked out by Kyle. KYle loves him because he says he is "Always smiling". This 5 month old kitty was not adopted as a small kitten and his time was up in the animal control containment center in Chesapeake. We went looking at tiny kittens, but truly...this guy is all love. Not much kitten spunk in him anymore. Sometimes he is crazy, but most often he lumps out on the kids beds and purrs for hours. He is as in love with us as we are with him!

Will gave JJ this beanie baby and JJ carries it everywhere with him. So cute. It is a boy no maternal instincts..but I think it reminds him of his brothers and sisters that were adopted before him!

And Will...Kyle is the biggest fan of all. And JJ is a HUGE fan of Kyle!

Because Josh is such a gentle kid, the kitty spends much time in his company! Smart Cat...stay away from Will little man...stay far far away!! :)

And well..if a dog, cat and hamster are not enough with 4 kids and a huge husband....our mamma dove gave birth this week. WE thought maybe her eggs were no good because no other doves have any eggs left? But we watched her in and day the plant on our front porch. Feeling like one day we would have to just move her and let her get on with her life. But alas...she was the smart one. This week she hatched two eggs and both little birdies are doing well. And mamma still lets us look at her, water the plant and take pictures without getting mad. She knows how much we like our animals around her.

And Cali....well....she actually does not HATE the cat? I was so worried, and for no reason. The co-exist without any running, barking, hissing etc. The first day they kind of steered clear of each other. But will find them in the same room almost all the time? Cali is scared to death of her I think? And just stays close so she knows what that darn cat is up to. So wish I could read their minds! But for me...I am just glad it did not cause Chaos and more noise!! :)

Josh sleeping in the wii room. This was supposed to be up top...but I can't seem to move it!! ha ha ha...needing to remember how to blog!

And Fluffy....still alive...but stalked at every angle. JJ would have her for lunch if that cage door would open! But we are careful for now and I swear the hamster cage is like JJ's TV set. He just sits and watches it all day and all night! Glad we have a way to entertain our newest member! :)

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Football and Fried Rice said...

you are CRAZY!!! You know that, right??????

Our fish died a few months ago and I was kind of relieved? Carter keeps asking when we are getting a new one - but it's so nice to not have to remember to feed one more thing ;)