Thursday, October 28, 2010

October b egins a new trend!

Well..these pictures are a bit out of order, but sum up most of our October. I am going to get back into writing about our days and weeks now that I have started the trend!! Suffice it to say we have undergone three sports seasons, 4 kids into new schools, the move of my brother and dad to Chesapeake, the start of cub scouts, a birthday, homework, dentist appointments, doctors appointments, broken toes, surgery scheduled now for Josh's toothers for December 3rd. (took three docs to get us to this end!!) any many more day to day things. Typical life with kids.

I have gotten it done...followed my plan and trudged through the "new" of it all and I finally feel like I am at home, and not just living someone else's life. I feel like I have a handle on our new life back here in Virginia - things are working themselves out the same way they always do...with time! We are happy!

Here are a few highlights from our October. Fun birthday party for Kyle's 7th, a camping trip with the scouts, and some new haircuts and fall attire!!

So many little people, Mostly boys. It was a crazy and fun and memorable for all the kids!! A success in my mind!

Everyone had a chance to take a whack! Even Josh

Our bounce house was late coming, but the kids didn't seem to care. They were together - all the neighborhood children and parents - playing and in a great place of comfort and joy! We are so lucky to have all these wonderful our back yard every week!!
Castle for the big kids and small bounce house compliments of Mary for our little ones...Maddy, Josh and some day soon....Miss Hannah!
A Sunday party with the perfect theme...and the Steelers DID WIN!

This bouncing is exhausting!!! Way to work Haley!
This little lady was hard core! She hit sponge bob with all she had. Kyle said that Maddy was the one that started it open!! Maybe he is right!

Happy Birthday Happy Kyle!! We all love you!

The very next weekend was spent on the ocean in Sandbridge - an ocean front camp ground is truly my idea of fun. And everyone else too it seemed!!

Hours of football and kickball in the open field!

One of my favorite parts of scouts is that all the kids play together. NO matter if they are 12 or 7! The little ones learn so much about how to be a big kid and the big kids learn patience and the art of teaching! Amazing!

Josh loved it!!

Even a cloud of smoke will not keep Kyle from his S'more!!

Ben...being Ben! So shy in the outside world...but inside his tent...he is a rock star!! Don't I live this thought each day!!!
Awards and mass around the camp fire!

Putting it all away was sad!! I think Ben and Kyle could have stayed all week. But seems a hole was present in Steve's air mattress....and so daddy was READY to go home!!

Josh got a new do!

And my best buddies are ready for Fall!!

And for now...that's all folks!! More stories and pics to come!! I promise...a new leaf is turning!!!