Tuesday, November 2, 2010

That's how life goes....


We went to Starbucks today. And this is how it went?

Josh: I want muffin mom (points to blueberry muffin)

Me: Ok buddy and Will what do you want?

Will: Two pink donuts.

Me: Sounds great....and I purchase the breakfast fun.

(we walk to the car...deal was...once seated and hooked...they could eat)

Me: Here you go guys!! Enjoy...and I hand out the bags!

Josh: Mom...I don't want this...I want chicken. (crying like I burned him with a hot poker)

Me: Buddy....you can't get chicken at Starbucks....you can only get chicken at McDonald's.

Josh: (stops crying immediately) Let's go to old McDonald's now.

Me: We can't Josh...they only serve breakfast at breakfast time....there is no chicken anywhere right now.

Josh: But I don't want chicken!! (and the end of the world crying starts again)

Me: They Josh...what do you want!

Josh: (Sobbing) I want a muffin with blueberries!!!

Me: OK...then here. And I re hand him the bag.

Josh: Stops crying yet again in a fraction of a second...tears all over his face...snot running down to his chin. And he says, "Yeah...thank you mom!" And with that he starts eating?

Me: ????????????????????????????????????????

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Football and Fried Rice said...

I cannot even tell you how MANY times my kids have told me they want chicken for breakfast!!!! Mostly, they equate a drive through widow with McDonalds; yes, I am so proud!!