Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is how we roll!!

Colby's lightning McQueen car finally died!! It has been with the neighborhood for over 4 years. It was purchased at the same time as several other motorized vehicles. At least 8 others used to roam the cul-de-sac together. No others lasted as long as the McQueen rider!

And so it happened....the end of an era. But how to celebrate the life of a good motorized vehicle? Well...on our street....we run over it with cars!! I don't have all the photos, the camera was an afterthought because I didn't want to miss the fun.

First, Mr. Paul hit it with his car and sent it flying down the street. 15 or so kids stood on the side cheering!! Then Mr. Scott got in his car and did more of the same!! But you know...it was still in one piece. So Mr. Steve finished the fun by riding his monster truck jeep over Lightning McQueen....Now every kid in the neighborhood was there to scream and laugh and cheer!

And now it is no more.

Most of us have parts in our trash to go out this week. And Justice kept the wheel to remember it by!!

Thanks lightning...for your years of fun...and for the best low class fun I have had in years!! That was awesome!

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