Thursday, December 16, 2010

Will has a full heart...I think?

"I don't need to do homework, I am already smart!"

"JJ is not smart mom, he plays with the same toy every day and it is not even a fun toy."

I was talking to Will about "Gotcha" day and how it was two years ago that Josh became his brother...etc. etc. He listened so intently. Will loves to learn and he will listen to anything I say just in case he may get smarter based on my words. Now...with that said, if when I am finished talking...Will feels that he has not gained a single thing from my story...then he will tell me, "Mom...that was not interesting...why did I even listen?!" Or something close to that. Very kind little boy? Hmmm.

But with Will, the one thing you can ALWAYS be sure that what he how he feels. He is no martyr and he really does not care what ANYONE thinks of him. If he feels it or thinks it...he shares it. If you don't like what he shares....well then too bad for you?!

So back to the original story..I'm telling Will about Gotcha day etc. etc.

And Will says, "I don't think I love Josh." (very matter of fact in his tone) So I start asking him questions: If you don't love Josh...why do you refuse to sleep in the same room with anyone but Josh?" Will, "Because I like to sleep with him." Ok Will...then why do you ask to wake josh up from a nap after his has only been in his room for 10 min? Will, "Because Josh is fun to play with." Hmmmmmm Do you think that these things mean you love him? Will, "NO."

Plan B: I say....."Will, let me tell you how your heart works." (Well....with that...I have FULL attention! There might be knowlege gained from this one...or at least that is what he thought!)

Will, your heart is full of little bags. (if I don't make the story visual...I lose yes...BAGS??)Will, "Like paper bags or zip lock?" (Me...Zip lock?) WHATEVER!!

Anyway, Each bag in your heart contains love for a person in your life. And you Will, have a ton of bags in your heart. Mommy, Daddy, Ben, Kyle Will, Uncle Brian, Pop Pop, Grandma, Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Alyssa...etc.etc.etc. I name all family and friends both far and near. Will continues to listen.

Then I say...."These bags are in your heart are there for all of life. On some days, you may be mad at someone, or think you don't like someone, but that is in your head.. inside your brain. The love in your heart that is in the bags...well...that is there forever and it does not change just because your brain is mad at someone!"

I even go on to tell him that when I was little, my brain didn't like Uncle brain all the time. But the love in my heart was always there and now that I am a grown up I always love my brother both in my heart and in my head. And that is why your heart keeps the love inside there always. Because we will grow up and things like fighting over a blanket won't be important anymore. And our heart is very smart that knows who we love and who we will continue to love!

Will pauses. Looks at me with a coy smile. (And mind you he has not spoken a word while I go through this whole "heart" story) And he said, "Well...ok your bag must be really big and Josh's bag must be zipped closed right now!"

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Football and Fried Rice said...


Seriously :) Such a concept (LOVE!) to explain to a little boy!! I think you did a good job, Mama Bear!