Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ahhhh......A perfect evening!!!

Well there are just no words to say how happy it made me to see our dear friends the Cole's last Saturday night! They took some time away from the Great Wolf Lodge to have dinner with the crazy Mongolds. I wish we could have stayed together all weekend!!!

Michelle is awesome...sweet and dear and beautiful! And all of our boys were so happy together! Little Josh is IN LOVE with Big josh...I think he would have gone home with the Cole's just to be with his new best buddy!! :)

When I sat and looked at Michelle and Josh and thought about how far they have come in this last two years, it truly makes my heart jump. They are healthy and happy and they have their own little big people personalities. It is as if they have always been a part of our world in an so many ways....they have! These two little people are our family. Just where they are supposed to be! And is so nice to meet with these awesome China friends to look back...remember....revisit the journey that we have all taken. Because it was wonderful.

When I get to be with the Cole family it is as if time has stood still. We have a connection with them and with our other China friends that goes way beyond a few weeks together in another country!

I am so grateful to have this family in my call my friends...and to continue to share in the joys of our families together!! Thanks Midge for posting these pics!! Till the next time!! :) We love you all!

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Football and Fried Rice said...

so glad that Steve got to meet some of your China posse!

Lucky girl.

Midge & I talked - July 2012???

Somewhere in Ohio. Have swim suits, will travel :-)