Friday, February 25, 2011

The Almost Halmark Moment....


Its Thursday afternoon. 1pm. Josh has been home with me all day, as it is not one of his school days. He is MW and F. Josh and I are standing in line outside of Will's classroom. Waiting to get to the front of the line of mom's and that Will's teacher will call his name and he can walk out to meet us.

Josh has been waiting for this moment since we dropped Will off at 8:30 that morning. He is excited...jumping up and down...chanting...Will...Will...Will.

Now in this hallway with us are about 50 other parents and kids standing in line in front of different classroom doors...waiting to pick up their own children. It is utter Chaos...and we do it every day of the week at exactly 1:00pm.

And so time moves on and we are next. Josh is brimming...."Will...your mom is here", says Miss Lynn...and Will walks out into the hallway. As soon as JOsh sees him he runs up to him and just throws his arms around Will's trunk and buries his head in Will's chest!

It is only now that I realize how many people have been watching Josh and listening to his chanting. At least 15 mom's look at my two sweet boys....entwined in the middle of the hallway and start going, "Awwwwww....look how cute....ohhh.....".

Yep....for 3.2 seconds I was the proudest mom in the world. It was no less than a Hallmark moment in time!

And then.....

Will realizes that all of these bystanders are watching this public display of affections. I can see the look on his face changing as I move forward to try and prevent the event that I could clearly see was about to transpire....

Yep....not fast enough mom. Will pulls josh off of him...pushes him to the ground and runs out of the hallway toward the car.

Now Josh is crying and laying on the ground and everyone is just staring at us. At it all happened in about 10 seconds. But oh my....I wanted to crawl in a hole.

So I grab josh and move quickly....but trying not to look too flustered....toward the door that Will is hiding behind. By the time I get to Will he is in tears...he says, "Mom...josh hugged me and all those people saw....I hate Josh!!" And with this he is now truly crying...his face is bright red and he is "Pissed" at his brother!!

The truth is...I know that for 3.2 seconds...Will felt the same way Josh did...and Will is just not one for public affection..not even from his mom (and I am truly his fav person!! ha ha ha). But about a Hallmark moment gone bad! I'll just never forget that 10 seconds of happiness/udder humiliation!! Chalk it up to another day in the life!! :)

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