Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Josh!!!

Thanks to Sue grabbing my camera...we actually have photos of this fun day! :) Josh turned 4 on Friday. We had kind of a make shift party. I had nothing planned and then 4 of my wonderful friends said.....what do you mean you are not having a party....YES WE ARE!!:) And so it became....Josh's after school 4th birthday party! Some of my favorite people in the world and my kids favorite people as well. lucky are we!:) It was a blast!

Something about the lack of pressure in a make shift party that can truly make it more fun than the ones you plan for weeks!! Josh loved being sung to, he played so hard that he fell asleep that night at 6:30....without even telling me he was going to bed! :)

Ah yes...the twins? Probably discussing the nutritional value of cake! Mary...are you sure Will is not yours???!!! :)

what's a formal dining room for.....14 kids...that's what!! :)

Ah yes...Josh can be ready to jump off a cliff...but Madeline can turn him into a sweet, happy boy with just one smile!!!!

JOsh sang to himself , "Happy birthday to meee....eeeee" It was hilarious. And Becky and I held Will back from blowing out the candles "for" Josh! Good team work Beck!! :)

Yeah.....Sue had to take several pictures of us to get one where my eyes were open!! ha ha ha....why does the camera hate me so!:) But I am so happy to have this memory of our fun day with my littlest baby!

And Party number two, a bit smaller and with mostly adults...but no less memorable for our little man! :) He had a blast with Nana, Grandpa, Uncle Brian and PopPop! All in all...a special day for Joshua Song! Cards and present from afar, people he loves, cake and ice creme, parties - an amazing memory for all of us!

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