Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A year in the life of Will Mongold.....

Since it is my blog...I can say anything I want right? Well...Will Mongold is a huge pain in the bum! I mean...that kid is work from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning till fights me to go to bed at night! But he fun! :) Always expect the unexpected! I was kind of enjoying being home alone today....or should I say being home without Will yelling at me to help him, find something, telling him no don't put shampoo in your chocolate will get sick!! ha haha....but I must miss him in a crazy way because I just spent the last 30 min looking back at the crazy photos I have of him this past year! Here it is...a year in the life of Will! :) I love you buddy!

For the record...he was in the most beautiful place...we were enjoying the rocks and water and all the nature that surrounded us. And he yells to me from across the at me...I'm peeing! :) hmmm....

I went inside for 30 seconds to get more towels. When I came back out he was naked on the slip n slide and had talked JOsh into getting naked with him?

Only nice to Josh because his treat was already gone! And God Love JOSH! He never says no to his hero Will!

Even the ice creme truck is no match for Will's curiosity!

So kind when he wants to be..and when he thinks no one is looking!

Brave and always looking for the next extreme event!




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