Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some pics from the month of April!

April was a fun month! Days are longer, weather is warmer, spring is in the air. We had a whole week off of are playing a TON of baseball....we are outside almost every min of our free time! :) This time of year brings the Renee I like back to the front row! I need sun and fresh air to be content and happy. I'm not miserable in the winter months....but I'm not at the top of my game either! Here are a few of the better pics from our April! :)

OH...and I am not 40. Yep...that's right. For those of you that are not feel bad...and for those of you that are over say - so what! :) But either way...I milestone birthday for mommy this month! :) I'm so happy I was born in April! Had I turned 40 in February...I might not be so happy! :)

You can play ball anywhere ...right???

One of my favorite little princesses - Maddy - carrying around the pink princess guitar I got her for her 3rd birthday! She is truly the cutest little thing EVER! :)

Let's go...we are on an adventure.....Will does not hardly ever play video games....or sit still for any length of time. He is a man that is ALWAYS looking for adventure or doing an EXPERIMENT. The parks in Nags Head were soooooo up his ally!

But eating for Will..not easy. One day when I was at a low and could take no more...I said he could have a side of goldfish if he would just eat a PB and J? And it worked! For the record...he only ate about 3 was about winning the bargaining game...not about wanting fish? Hmmmm......He is a pistol and a half!

These two are FINALLY to friends that I envisioned them being while I was sitting in China with my sick little baby! :) The world is right with them!!

Brian's birthday party has a special guest! Wallace now lives in his living room! How mean am I to force this gift on him. Now he is stuck with it. And YES...I will be offended if he gets rid of it ...EVER!

This is the view from the back deck of our vacation home. I seriously could have lived there!

Who says you have to go inside when it pours! Thank goodness there was no lightening!

Landry is our sweet neighbor!

Kyle is either maxin and relaxin'....or running his butt off!! :0 Love that kid!:)

He told me what was wrong....I'm not exactly sure what he was saying...all I heard was, "Mommy...I need a nap!" And so he got one! :)

Josh has so many friends of all ages in our neighborhood. This is Holt - brother to the above Landry...and Ben's best buddy! :) He loves Josh! :)

Our sweet Hayley! :) She is going to make one heck of a mom one day !:)

Grandpa Ben and Josh...enjoying the view while daddy rents the fishing rods!

Camping fun!:)

Braces go on next week!

The tides games are Ben's version of Disney Land!