Friday, May 27, 2011

bye bye Yankees, Rangers and Kindgergarten...Hello Summer!

In that past week we have said goodbye to two baseball teams - the Yankees and the Rangers. Kyle and Ben has an awesome season as team mates! It was so fun to watch them play together. Will rocked out some t-ball and actually acquired some skills this season!! :) Ben will move up a league next year and he will also play on two teams, Kyle will stay in the same league and Will has one more year of t-ball! Hope that Josh can play with Will so we can keep it to 4 teams!! None the less....the Mongolds love baseball and it was another fun season!!

Will also graduated from Kindergarten! Off to big boy school next year with his brothers! Will had the most fabulous kindergarten year. He made great friends, I made great friends, he learned to read and write better than I could have imagined! Amazing year and while I am excited for summer...I am sad to see his super year end!

And with that...the older boys have two more weeks of school....tournament baseball is in session and swim team is in progress! Summer is an awesome time and we are very excited to have ONE that we are not moving!! :) Here we come water parks, swimming pools, picnics, flashlight tag, beach trips, friends and family! It's time to party summer style!!

Here are some pics of our last week!

In this picture...will would NOT cooperate. So Nana and Grandpa left a space in between then so I could photo shop Will in there! Should I choose this pose where he is picking his nose...AGAIN!?!?!

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