Thursday, May 19, 2011

If I go back further...I have to get out the hard drive!! :)

Here is 5 years of Hunter/Mongold Fun! :) Now I am wanting to go back further but everything is on the external hard drive from 06 and back....a project for another day! But as I enter the time where I will start my blog book - to remember the days that I have written about all these years...this is a blog that I will want to remember!! :)






Football and Fried Rice said...

oh my goodness! what little boy did NOT love the Grave Digger!?! I cant even count how many of those things we had in our house at one time!!

shunter1019 said...

OMG- balling my eyes out. How did they get so big?!! I mean clearly we know they are growing up, but to look at all the pictures of them through the years....ah, chokes me up and makes me so happy that they love each other so you girl...thanks for the nice cry first thing in the AM!!!